Monday, February 22, 2016

2/22/2016 First Full Week in Calafate‏

Hey hey hey,

Well the first full week here in Calafate was crazy. I still dont know a lot of Spanish and the people here dont know English. The only English I here comes from my mouth or the other two Elders in Calafate. However Elder Cortes my companion can understand English pretty well and his English is very broken but is getting better. We help eachother with the new languages. Oh since Calafate is a tourist town I get to contact in English once every one million person. Hey but I kill it when I get the chance. 

This week we put Baptism dates like crazy. The people are being prepared daily here in Calafate by the hand of the Lord. On Friday Elder Cortes did not feel well so we did not leave the pension until after lunch. We started contacting and our third house this nice old lady let us in. She was so receptive and we invited her to come to church and be baptized. She said yes and I know we will be able to help her find the happiness and peace she is looking for. These small miracles bring peace to my mind and knowledge that our Heavenly Father is in control. I know that he has a plan for all of his children and all we have to do to know that is have Faith. Remember that faith is not just a believe it is an action. We have to act on this believe to find and live that plan that our loving heavenly father has for us. 

Lets see what else did we do... oh the fiesta del lago. I have a love hate relationship with the fiesta. Contacting sucked this week because everyone was at the fiesta but we ate really good food so that was way chill. Elder Cortes is a great teacher at teaching me how to teach. haha that was fun to type. I am going to be able to do this missionary thing hopefully here in a few months. I just want to learn the language so i can relate to the members. that is the hardest for me. I only know gospel spanish so i cant talk about the normal things in life. Hey i will get with the help of our Savior and a lot of hard work. 

Oh something cool that I found this week that does not apply to missionary work at all is there is Golf Course here in Calafate soooo ya i am going to play it on my birthday. Yes God does love me because if you look on your calendar you will notice the 7th of March is on a monday which just happens to be my Pday. Also since the brach is only a solid like 25 active members we the missionaries are the young men and young women leaders and well just about every other calling. haha anyways we played ping pong and made banana pancakes for mutual this week. That was a lot of fun because well i love me some píng pong. 

Calafate is a tourism town. so a lot of the people here work on Sunday which kills our attendence at church so we thought of the idea to hold two Sacrament meetings one in the morning and one at night. We will see how that works. The other elders in my disrict are from California and Utah so they know English which is nice. We have to make like all of our food and so we eat a lot of pasta, rice, popcorn,random meats, and whatever we decide to buy in the store. Everything is expensive in Calafate. 

I walk everywhere and just like Herriman but only a little worse there are hills EVERYWHERE my legs are going to be so huge after this area. I am planning on going to the Glacier here in a monthish so that is cool. Well i think that is all this week. Calafate is slowly feeling like home. I miss home a lot but the little things here help the homesickness fade. I know that our Heavenly Father loves all of us. He is aware of our thoughts feelings and actions. He knows us very personally. We are His sons and daughters and will one day live with him again if we are Faithful. I know that the through the Atonement we can be cleansed from sin. All sin the small big whatever it is through Christ and his Atonement we can and will be clean. The Book of Mormon is true, and because of this book we can learn the way our Heavenly Father wants us to live. I invite all of you to set a new goal to read more from the pages of the Book of Mormon. The blessings are endless when we show our desire to know the truth. I promise that you will feel closer to the Savior and Heavenly Father if you do this. I love all of you and I can feel you love and support here in Calafate. Thank you sooo much and remember that you are only one prayer away from your Savior and Father in Heaven. 

Elder Devin Jay Saunders 

p.s. The wind here is crazy!!!!!!!! yes worse than Herriman.  
See it. Feel it. Trust it.

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