Tuesday, September 27, 2016

9/27/16 Golf and Church Attendence

Hola Amigos,
Bueno this last week was the fastest week of my life. We worked hard, had interviews with Presidente, and Claudio, Gaston, and their kids came to church. I found out that I love the mission and golf more than anything in the world.
To start the week monday we went golfing with Marcelo. He is the brother of Claudio our next baptism and he has really nice clubs for being here in Argentina. So we played so golf and lets just say i hit a drive over 300 yards at sea level! okay it was downhill and the cross wind helped my draw but it was still a deep bomb! I also hit one of the best four iron shots of my life and impressed everyone so ya know i can still golf a little bit;)
Then through out the week we had some really awesome lessons with our top three investigators. Claudio, Norma, and Gaston. They are such studs and are progressing a ton. Claudio came to church and had a wonderful time. He felt the spirit and told us about it. He came with his daughter and she is so adorable. She drew in my agenda and I will always remember that their first day at church.
Gaston wants to get married now and just has to save a little money for a ring. His girlfriend is wanting to listen to us more and is going to go to the church for general conference. Im sooo happy for them and we testify that they will have an eternal family one day.
Norma is doing good and is reading a lot. She is basically ready for baptism but told us that she lacks a for sure feeling. So we gave her the challenge to take a question of her choice to general conference in prayer. She will get an answer. I know it!!
We also had interviews with Presidente Salerno. It is cool because we do them in spanish and I can understand and talk back with ease. Life is a lot easier now that spanish is natural! Presidente helped me a lot and I feel a lot better. He showed me that I am acutally a decent missionary. Sometimes its hard and Satan makes us feel like we are worthless. However I know that the time comes when the times roll in nice and sunny like springtime. Just keep Carrying On like my grandma Ruth May Fox wrote!! I know that this church is true. It changes lives, and seals families for eternity. There is nothing more in the world that I want more than an eternal family. That is my goal and that is why I testify of the truths I know. Christ lives and we can repent when needed. That means everyday and I know the Atonement works. I have felt the power of it in my life and it has changed me. Know that Christ loves you and that I love you too. You are in my thoughts and prayers!! Les Quiero!
Con Amor,
Elder Saunders
See it. Feel it. Trust it.
pics of me and gastons kid and claudio and lloyd my best buddy in my disrict

Saturday, September 24, 2016

9/19/16 Week One and a Full House

Hola todos,

How are all of you doing? I am doing pretty well, and week one with my new companion went really well. We found some new investigators and taught a bunch this week. The biggest news though is that we are now living with two more Elders. One is from Argentina and the other is from California. Their names are Elder Campopiano y Elder Powell. Elder Powell is new in the mission and its fun helping with his training. My new companion is dope. He is half mexican and his Spanish is really good. He is from West Valley, Utah and is the oldest kid in his family. He likes to draw, read, and wants to go into Animation after the mission. 

This week we had a few dope experiences. We taught Claudio the Word of Wisdom, Law of Chastity, and Tithing. He accepted it all and said he would obey them. He told us that there is a new peace or comfort in his house now. Hmm what would that be eh?? The Holy Ghost maybe?? haha it is so refreshing to see the gospel change the lives of others. 

Also Gaston the man who only needs to get married and then he will be baptized finally wants to get married. We invited him and his girl to pray together about their wedding and Veronica felt and said its now and is bugging him to do it!! 

Norma and her kids are getting close to being ready for baptism. Norma is just waiting to feel a little more ready. I think in just a week or two she will be baptized. Along with her, her two daughters want to get baptized. 

This week I learned a lot about patience. Lately I have been kinda down on myself, not feeling very confident. Being me I just hide it and keep going. But inside I was feeling kinda crappy. So I prayed like crazy and today im starting to feel better. The mission isnt easy, but it is rewarding. Seeing people change is really heart warming and makes me feel like I have done something with my time. I know that God lives. His son Jesus Christ died for us. We will live with our famlies for eternity. However we have to do what we know is right and what Christ taught when He established His church! I know if we do those things we will live with our families forever!! I know the scripures bring knowledge and peace. Read them and take questions to the temple. You WILL find answers. I love you all and write me about you lives. I would love to hear from you. 

Con Amor, 

Elder Saunders 

ps Im going golfing today so I am only like kinda happy;) 

See it. Feel it. Trust it.
pics of me and my comp, selfie, mcdonalds from buenos aires, and elder powell sleeping on the floor

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

9/12/16 Traslados y Asistencia de 10

Hola Todos,

Bueno so this last week was crazy. We had a lot of changes and my life will be different know. Transfers came this week and my companion Elder Aquino is leaving and Elder Bodil-castineta is my new companion. He is from West Valley, Utah and has about five months in the mission. So we will see if we can hold our own with our spanish. I cant believe another transfer has past. Time never stops and we always are going, going, going in the mission. I have learned that staying busy is the way to live. 

Alright, so the first part of the week was chill. We had district meeting, taught a bunch, and just lived the missionary life. Elder Aquino wanted help with a package for his girlfriend so we did that as well. It was fun and also we made a video of us dabbing because my brother asked for one. 

Wednesday we had an awesome day and had a family home evening with our investigator named Norma. She has three kids and lives alone with them. So we had the FHE in a members house. It went really well and she was talking about her baptism a lot!!! We then talked with Gaston who only needs to get married to be able to be baptized. He is basically a member, but is not baptized. He knows everything as has a testimony. I love this guy and we are basically just friends and talk about girls and what not a lot;) haha 

Friday we had our Noche de Comida activity. We (us gringos) made Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwhiches. It was dope and we had a lot of fun and the members enjoyed it. After the activity we taught Claudio. He is a great friend and example to me. We taught the Plan of Salvation and he ate it up. He wants to learn everything and has desires to read, watch, listen, etc to all of the church´s material. He also put his on baptismal date. We mentioned baptism and he said, "Can I be baptized on my birthday on the ninth of November?" So ya he´s a straight stud. 

Sunday was awesome Gaston and Norma came to church. As well as the kids of Norma. Also two of her nephews that live next door to her. So we had six people at church. It was awesome and I felt like a dad again with all the kids around me and laying on me and pulling my ears during church. They are very touchy little buggers but I love those guys. 

Honestly the mission changes you. Im different and I have only been here for 8 months. My thoughts about life are more pure, I have new and different goals for my future, I care less about little things, and most importantly I want to be able to feel the spirit like I do now always. Us missionaries think a lot about our future lives, and I have been thinking about mine a lot lately. I know I have a lot of time left but I love setting goals. Goals make life easier and more managable. I invite all of you to set spiritual goals. Make them personal and meaniful. With a purpose to get closer to God. I know as God sees you make this goals He WILL bless you with the power to accomplish them. He loves you, and you are His son or daughter. I know this. You might know this too. Pray to know if you dont. You will recieve a peaceful feeling of love. 

Life is tough. We are pushing through tough times in every moment. However I know that there is peace in knowing that you are living righteously. I know when we mess up or need help Christ is there. He is waiting for you to take the first step towards Him. Take the step and watch the blessings fall into your life. They will be simple and precious. Better than the things of the world. Pay attention to your life and I know you will see the hand of God! I love you all and know God lives and His son Jesus Christ knows you perfectly. Les Quiero!! 

Elder Saunders con Amor!:)  

See it. Feel it. Trust it.
pic of  Mom poster board

Thursday, September 8, 2016

9/5/16 The Church is True!

Hola Todos,

Bueno this week went by crazy fast. We had a lot of fun and I got to talk to a bunch of missionaries which is always fun. My two traniors and I talked for awhile and it was nice to catch up with them. Hopefully we will continue to stay in contact for life! 

Tuesday was a nice change of work, where we did service with the other Elders in our distirct. I learned how to make cement and we made a floor for a shed and it was really cool. 
Wednesday we had a pretty normal day we were able to teach a little bit which was nice. We are seeing progressing in our investigators and it seems like we are going to baptize this next transfer which is awesome.
Thursday we had conference with President and it was with three zones. So we had over 50 missionaries together. We learned how we need to utilize Preach My Gospel and become a mission that Teaches Repentence and Baptizes Converts. It was good long but good. I never thought I would have the patience to sit in a chair for over four hours and not want to go crazy. Changes that come from the mission!!! haha
Friday we had a crazy day and one of our recent converts was freaking out! So we helped her a little bit and then had a lesson with another investigator who came to church last week named Leonardo. He is doing well but had to work yesterday and couldnt come to church. We also played soccer with a bunch of old drunks and I found out I am terrible at soccer;)  
Saturday we as in my district worked all day planning and getting ready for an activity that we are having this Friday. Its a Night of Foods. Everyone is making their best plate of food and we are going to judge them and find out who is the "Master Chef". I had a fun time just messing around with Elder Lloyd from Sandy!! 
Sunday we took three kids to church with us. Two eleven yearolds and a fourteen year old and I never want kids now;) haha just kidding but for real I officially feel awful for my actions of a crazy kid and hope my kids arent insane. We also found an old investigator and everything is just looking good here.

So this last week I was reading and thinking about the Atonement. It marvels me how we have someone who knows us. Think about that! Christ knows you perfectly. Now think about all the times we are sad, mad, frustrated, confused, in pain, or happy. He knows those exact feelings for you, me, and everyone. I know He knows you, and I know He knows me. I have felt His love for me as I have tried to make changes in my life. I know it is possible to change and He wants us to do so. I know as well that Joseph Smith was a prophet. He restored the Church of Jesus Christ and we have that church today. I know you can all know this too. Its simple but complex. Prayer. A short thought to our Father in Heaven can change your life. You can feel HIs love, JUST ASK! I know its worth it, and it will always be worth it. I love you all and know our Savior and Father in Heaven do too!!! Les Quiero y Vamos a bautizar el mundo!!!

Elder Saunders   

See it. Feel it. Trust it.
my district and me and food