Tuesday, September 13, 2016

9/12/16 Traslados y Asistencia de 10

Hola Todos,

Bueno so this last week was crazy. We had a lot of changes and my life will be different know. Transfers came this week and my companion Elder Aquino is leaving and Elder Bodil-castineta is my new companion. He is from West Valley, Utah and has about five months in the mission. So we will see if we can hold our own with our spanish. I cant believe another transfer has past. Time never stops and we always are going, going, going in the mission. I have learned that staying busy is the way to live. 

Alright, so the first part of the week was chill. We had district meeting, taught a bunch, and just lived the missionary life. Elder Aquino wanted help with a package for his girlfriend so we did that as well. It was fun and also we made a video of us dabbing because my brother asked for one. 

Wednesday we had an awesome day and had a family home evening with our investigator named Norma. She has three kids and lives alone with them. So we had the FHE in a members house. It went really well and she was talking about her baptism a lot!!! We then talked with Gaston who only needs to get married to be able to be baptized. He is basically a member, but is not baptized. He knows everything as has a testimony. I love this guy and we are basically just friends and talk about girls and what not a lot;) haha 

Friday we had our Noche de Comida activity. We (us gringos) made Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwhiches. It was dope and we had a lot of fun and the members enjoyed it. After the activity we taught Claudio. He is a great friend and example to me. We taught the Plan of Salvation and he ate it up. He wants to learn everything and has desires to read, watch, listen, etc to all of the church´s material. He also put his on baptismal date. We mentioned baptism and he said, "Can I be baptized on my birthday on the ninth of November?" So ya he´s a straight stud. 

Sunday was awesome Gaston and Norma came to church. As well as the kids of Norma. Also two of her nephews that live next door to her. So we had six people at church. It was awesome and I felt like a dad again with all the kids around me and laying on me and pulling my ears during church. They are very touchy little buggers but I love those guys. 

Honestly the mission changes you. Im different and I have only been here for 8 months. My thoughts about life are more pure, I have new and different goals for my future, I care less about little things, and most importantly I want to be able to feel the spirit like I do now always. Us missionaries think a lot about our future lives, and I have been thinking about mine a lot lately. I know I have a lot of time left but I love setting goals. Goals make life easier and more managable. I invite all of you to set spiritual goals. Make them personal and meaniful. With a purpose to get closer to God. I know as God sees you make this goals He WILL bless you with the power to accomplish them. He loves you, and you are His son or daughter. I know this. You might know this too. Pray to know if you dont. You will recieve a peaceful feeling of love. 

Life is tough. We are pushing through tough times in every moment. However I know that there is peace in knowing that you are living righteously. I know when we mess up or need help Christ is there. He is waiting for you to take the first step towards Him. Take the step and watch the blessings fall into your life. They will be simple and precious. Better than the things of the world. Pay attention to your life and I know you will see the hand of God! I love you all and know God lives and His son Jesus Christ knows you perfectly. Les Quiero!! 

Elder Saunders con Amor!:)  

See it. Feel it. Trust it.
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