Monday, May 22, 2017

5/22/17 Christ loves us!!!

Hola Todos,

I hope all is going well in each one of your lives. Here in Trelew we are doing well and working hard to just do whats right. We arent perfect and no missionary is, but we are just trying the best we can. It feels good to want to do the right and obey! We recieved ransfers and my companion of four and a half months is leaving to the furtherst south part of the mission. Elder Rodriguez and I have worked hard together and will be hard to watch him leave. The mission is always full of hellos and goodbyes! 

My next companion is Elder Walker. He is from California and is one of the best missionaries in the mission. He is going to help me a lot and we are going to work like crazy! He is going to arrive in about four hours and Ill let you know more about him next week!! 

This last week went by really fast as we had to tell all of the people bye here. Luckly I wasnt the one leaving but I still almost cried a few times. I am not a fan of goodbyes. The mission really teaches you how to love people fast. People that are totally different then you. People that might not even like you. I invite you all to try to love more. Forgive and Forget. Try to just love as Chirst would love the people around you. 

I know that Christ loves us. Why else would he have done the Atonement. He loves you!!! Think about that... someone loves you so much that you suffered and died for you. I know this to be true because I have felt His love. I have been praying a lot lately and have been trying to just feel the spirit. I know that prayer works. Heavenly Father listens to us. He always has and Always will. I know that the Book of Mormon true. WE HAVE TO READ IT EVERYDAY!!!! yes i know its hard, the hard things in bring the biggest blessings. Soooo, READ IT!!! I promise that you will feel the Spirit more and see the hand of God in your life. Les Quiero:) 

Elder Saunders 

See it. Feel it. Trust it.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

5/15/17 Prayer Works

Hola todos,

Yesterday I was able to talk to my family and it was amazing. It was my last skype before I go home and was weird saying goodbye knowing the next time I talk to them will be in person!! Que loco eh?? 

This week was a fun one. We spent a lot of time with my favorite family here in Trelew. Ive mentioned them before but the Antipan family is amazing. They are the one of the reasons the mission is amazing. We learned how to make Cheesecake and it turned our amazing. I have a lot of pictures so I make sure yall can see them! Hermano Antipan is like a brother for real. He makes jokes and we can joke back with with him. We play an Argentine card game called Truco and we have lost almost all of our ties in bets;) jaja he doesnt actually take them but He always messings with me saying I owe him all my ties!! jaja

The began very slow and Thursday night we realized we needed to start working like crazy to reach some of our goals we had put. So we prayed that night that Friday we could teach and find a lot of new investigators and be able to find our investigators with Baptismal Dates. Friday began and took the word of our mission president and prayed in ever street corner. We prayed and prayed and prayed. Out loud in the street! We had never done it before and for the first time we humbled ourselves and listened to our President. I bet you can guess what happened. We taught like crazy and found a lot of new investigators. They just started popping our of nowwhere. We knocked less doors and taught more. Our Priesthood leaders always have reason when they teach us. Trust in them and use what they teach you!!

Looking back on my last five months I realized that I have made a lot of personal progress. I feel better but it came through rough moments. Dont give up when times get hard. Push through and use the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I know that the through the Atonement of Christ we can feel better about ourselves through knowing we are worthy and doing the correct. I know the Book of Mormon has a spiritual power and WE HAVE TO READ IT EVERY DAY!!!! Read it! dont forget about the Book that can change your life!! Les quiero!!

Elder Saunders del fin del mundo:) 

See it. Feel it. Trust it.