Wednesday, May 10, 2017

5/9/17 Faith in Christ

Hola Todos,

Another week has gone by and we are still plugging along here in Trelew. My week was full of normal missionary work. Knocking doors, teaching lessons, and trying to get people to come unto Christ. Our mission has a new focus and I have been blessed by it. We are focusing on growing our faith in Christ. President Salerno (our mission president) recieved the revelation that going back to the basics is what we all need down here in the Patagonia. I love the idea. In sports the basics or fundamentals are neccessary, and when we forget our grip in golf what happens? Nothing. You end up changing everything in the swing and how the ball will react to the club. So, as missionaries or members of the Church or even people we need to remember our fundamentals. Faith, partaking of the Sacrament, Prayer, Scripture Study, and our testimonies. There are many more simple things that we forget to do or remember, but I know that as we focus on the simple things the bigger things will come into place. 

Yesterday we had a conference with our mission president and his wife. It was amazing and we focused on the basics. Remembering how to simple spiritual missionaries. I am starting to see the change Christ wants me to make. Through His atonement I have been changed. Im feeling more like a representative of our Savior. If you want to change I know you can do it! 

We went on splits with the assistants this weekend. I was with Elder Sais. To mention how great this was I must describe Elder Sais. First picture me, now take off two or three inches and a baby face more baby than mine. Haha I can make fun cause im little too, but we are two "little missionaries" in the mission and we were able to be companions for a day. So as a nice missionary I decided to go into the famous part of our area that is kinda dangerous. We prayed before we left the apartment and felt like we needed to go there. Imagine two little white boys in shirts and ties walking in a sketchy apartment complex! It was amazing and we found two new investigators so go the little missionaries did well!! 

I know that Christs church is on this Earth today. We preach of it and can make covenants using the Priesthood or the Authority and Power of God. I know that in no other church can you make these promises. I know that repentance is real. We must use it. We must change and be more like Christ. I know He lives and loves you. I know He wants you to just try a little more, and come unto Him. He is waiting! He loves you! He will help you!! I know all will work out! Les Quiero:) 

Elder Saunders del fin del mundo:) 

See it. Feel it. Trust it.

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