Monday, March 27, 2017

3/27/17 Oh How Much I Love Patience...oh nah;)

Hey Everyone,

Once again we are here writing on Monday. The weeks are passing faster and faster down here in Trelew. As I mentioned last week things are tough in terms of Baptisms right now. In our zone of 
12 missionaries we are working hard but not seeing baptisms. We know that its not everything, but just want to see someone accept the gosepl. Its why we all came on the mission. We have put in a lot of effort but not seen it come out the way we want. 

I dont know what we are doing wrong. We have put in a few extra things into to practice and hopefully we will see the success some through. Those who know me well, know that my patience level is about a negative six, so ill stay here trying to have patience. Not my favorite at all!!

Some good news. We are teaching this older lady the grandma of a less active family. The family has recently started going to church again and the Abuela wants to be baptized. She just had a sugery on her eyes. She is going to be baptized once she is feeling better and can enter the water. It just means more patience Elder Saunders. 

I was just talking to my mom and she was talking about maybe I have to learn patience here. She said as a joke messing with me cause im kinda upset that I am working hard and not baptizing. However it hit me and maybe thats what i need to have. So Im going to keep working hard and when the baptisms come Ill let yall know. 

I know that im here for a reason. Someone is going to be baptized. Baptizing isnt everything, but thats the purpose of missionary work. Its the first step to start your journey in the Church. I know that the church is true. We have the authority of Chirst to act in His name. There is no other church with that. We watched the Restoration as a companionship one night before going to bed, and I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. I know that he restored the Church of Christ. It was neccessary and without it we would not have the blessings we have today. Keep pressing forward, Carry on, Choose the Right, say your prayers, go to the temple, and love everyone. Forgive and Forget. I love you all. I have a lot of support, and thank you for it. Thanks family and friends. Les quiero mucho!!;)

Elder Saunders del fin del mundo!:) 

See it. Feel it. Trust it.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

3/20/17 Carry On!!!

Hola Todos,

This last week was a hard one. Once again our Baptism fell. We are not having a lot of luck down here, but we are trying our hardest. Sometimes it seems like the more we try the worse of results we get. The more obedient we are the more "No Gracias" we recieve. The more we pray and teach to Baptize the more people say no right before the Baptism. Its hard to see the importance of everything right now. I dont want to lie and tell you guys that everything is just peachy right now. Its not. It sucks. I am tired of putting in everything I got and then getting shut down. Then having to take the phone calls of a upset Mission President.

 I know the church is true! I know that life is hard, and the mission is not an exception. I know that people have their agency and we cant control them. I know that through the Book of Mormon is true. This book has stories and experiences that are made for us in these tough times. My testimony is really the only thing that keeps me going. I would have gone home by know if I didnt know that this Gospel is perfect and true! 

We spent a lot of the week searching for our Baptism. She was never home and we would wait outside her house till we had to leave to make curfew;) We are trying down here. We found a few new investigators and we hope we can get some good luck with them. Teaching a lot and putting our faith in our Savior and Heavenly Father. In tough times thats all we really got. 

One miracle we had this week helped change everything. We are teaching an older lady who is the grandma of a less active family. She always shuts us down when we talk about baptism. However this week she had a dream and wants to get baptized! So we will see what happens. She has eye surgery this week and if it goes well she will be baptized. 

The last thing I want to share is an experience I had during Sacrament Meeting. I was kinda upset with my week and wanting to just give up. So thinking of my mommy, I read the lyrics to the hymn Carry On. So my friends CARRY ON! Keep trying, and dont give up. The church is true and that is all that matters!

Funny Story Time... Last night we made Salsa. My companion is from Bolivia and likes spicy food. Im a baby and die a little with spicy things. We had two other missionaries with us and played a card game and losers had to eat hot pepper plain. I lost with my buddy Elder Stewart and we died eating the pepper. We were crying and sweating! Go us. Les Quiero:)

Elder Saunders del fin del mundo:)  

See it. Feel it. Trust it.
this pics are Devin saying Happy Brithday to Austin is little brother!!

this are some random pics 

Monday, March 13, 2017

3/13/17 Bday fun y Vamos a Bautizar!:)

Hola Todos,

Well this last week was a week to remember! We partied hard for my birthday and I am truly blessed to be here in my area during this time. I had two parties with two different families and we ate lots of cake. I also went to the mall and ate food there and bought matching ties with my companion. We are going to be styling in all of our meetings!! My zone also bought me an icecream cake and smashed my face into it! The Bday fun was just flowing out this week. I had a really good birthday.

Our investigators are well going. Its very tough here in our ward. We only have 20ish active members and when people got to church they feel awkward because its huge and there is only a few people there. Not to be mean to old people but they are all old and we have zero young men and women. Its just hard and sometimes we dont have a lot of desires to go to the church because we have to do everything. However I was thinking yesterday and the church is true if we are in a ward with 400 or with 20 and everyone is inactive. The church is true and it doesnt matter! If you dont know that I would like you to ask God. I can lie but He cant!! 

This week we are planning two baptisms. There names are Veronica and Gonzalo! They are a mom and son. They threw me a bday party last week and I love them. They are going to help the ward because they are amazing. We are excited to just be able to baptize. Its been over a year and a half since there ahs been a baptism in my area! Its time to break the curse! 

If yall want to know anything shoot me an email and ill try to answer your questions. I want all of you to know that I know that God gave His son Jesus Christ so that we can repent. We have to repent, its something we all have to do. We are imperfect people in a journey to be perfect. So how does one do such a thing? Only through a savior, a perfect being that paid for our sins. I KNOW that He suffered for your sins, for mine, and for your neighbors. He paid the price for EVERYONE and the last time I checked you are a part of that. Go to Him and He will help you find peace. He will show you how to feel better. I invite you to repent! Pick one thing this week that you want to do better. And DO IT! It will be hard. It will hurt a little bit. BUT I know its worth it. I have seen the Atonement change my life, my families life, and my mission families life. We all of to do it, so go ahead and step on board the repentence train;) Les Quiero!:) 

Elder Saunders 

See it. Feel it. Trust it.