Tuesday, August 30, 2016

8/29/16 Carry On y Le Quiero

Hey Everyone,

This last week like always was full of all kinds of fun and what not. We had lots good times with other missionaries along with investigators and members. A few highlights...We had zone meeting, we did service for a member and I got a blood blister, Leoarndo came to church, and I found out that there is a decent golf course here in Comodoro and met someone who plays a lot of golf. So we have plenty to talk about apart from the gospel. 

The first part of the week went pretty slow and normal. We taught a lot and that was great but nothing really happened that was exciting. Thursday we had a really awesome day. We had a bunch of lessons, found a few new investigators, and knocked a lot of doors. It was one of those days where you just feel like you did everything you could, and go to bed really happy. Then on Friday we had our Zone Meeting. We put a lot of goals and other missionaries talked. Being in a big zone is sometimes fun, but I miss my small little zone de Calafate. 

Leonardo from a miracle came to church. We didnt know that he was going to go and we went to pick his cousin up and his cousin was sleeping but he wanted to come so he came. They all basically live in this cluster home and we are teaching over 15 people that live in the home cluster thing. haha so church went well and he wants to bring his family next week. he has two kids and a girlfriend. like everyone they arent married so time to be cupid again. 

I can feel a change in myself. The mission and more than anything the gospel can change your life. Reading the scriptures and testifying of them everyday is something that is changing my life. I see the ways our Heavenly Father has blessed people before and know He will bless me. The thing we have to remember is that we have to act and show our part. I know God will bless you as you strive to improve just a little bit everyday.

I have been reading a lot about the beginning of the Church, pioneers, and the first decades of the saints in Utah. It amazes me how much faith and struggles they went through. When life gets hard, which I know it does. Put your strength in God like our early saints did. I am proud to know that I have ancestors who "carried on" like my favorite him says. To all of you that are struggling and going through what could be compared to a terrible frost, handcart journey, bleeding feet, starvation, and much more, I say I know that God is aware of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. All three of which you have agency to control. Choose wisley, and watch the blessings roll in. I love you all and I pray for you a lot. Tears are shed a lot in my life. The Lord seems to be tenderizing me!!! haha that sounds like im a steak or something but I dont know how else to say it. haha les quiero y Dios le ama muchísimo!! 

Elder Saunders "Carry On" 

See it. Feel it. Trust it.
pics of the pension and such

Monday, August 22, 2016

8/22/16 Fasting and The Church is True

Hey Everyone,

Alrighty so this last week was interesting. I was able to see the hand of the Lord in many peoples lives including mine. One thing I have learned this week is to trust in the Lord, and as we do our part He will bless us. 

Elder Aquino and I have this family that has been talking with the missionaries for over two years. The father has been to church over 15 times and the mother is catholic. Gaston (the father) is an amazing man. He wants the best for his children and has been trying to get Veronica (his girlfriend/wife but not married) to let him take the kids to church. The first day I met the family was the first day Veronica started listening to us. We shared a video and then the next lesson we shared scriptures about eternal families. Then our District Leader decided that we should do a "Super Dia" and fast for hearts of our investigators to accept Baptismal Fechas. So I fasted and prayed. We had a good start to our "super dia" finding a few new investigators and teaching a little bit. Then we had our lesson with Gaston and Veronica. We taught the Restoration. We explained how our Church is the only true church. It was simple but powerful. I asked Gaston what he thought and the most magical words came out of his mouth. He said," Well Elder I believe its just all true... all of it." When he said that all my body and spirit good do was be happy but my eyes decided to cry and so I sat there in their humble house just crying. Veronica then spoke and told us she wants to come to church and feel the same way Gaston does. They also both accepted a Baptismal Date and a marriage date!!! Sooo we are going to be cupid and get these two married!!! I am just happy, really happy!!!:)

With this story I learned that Fasting works. I learned that I am a son from Jeff and Lynette Saunders so I cry. I learned the Chruch is true very true. The Gospel can and will change your life. Christ loves you and His arms are streched out waiting to hug you, BUT you have to, you have to take the a step towards Him. However the moment you take that step He is with you the entire time through out your life. As we strive to live His gospel the gospel of Jesus Christ, we obtain blessings. You just have to look for them sometimes because the biggest blessings are the simple ones. Your family, car, house, yard, dog, phone, a happy feeling, sleep, a bed, toilets, and well basically you get the idea.

Besides "super dia" the week was pretty chill. It rained for like threeish days straight so "dusty comodoro" became "muddy comodoro". I want to share a scripture in Alma. I was reading the other day Saturday morning and came accross this scripture that made me feel something amazing. In Alma 5:26 it asks a question on the lines of.. "If you have felt the love, spirit, or power of Christ, and if it has changed you, can you feel it now?" I ask you the same can you feel your change of heart? Have you ever even once in your life seen the hand of God? If you are inactive or not a member and know the church, have you seen something different, more pure, bright, happy in the lives of faithful members? I know I have, and I know Christ lives, and because of Him we can all see things too! You can See it. Feel it. and after you See it. and Feel it. please take the advice of the movie " Seven Days in Utopia" and Trust it.! I KNOW you will find a new happiness in and through the Gospel of Jesus Chirst. 

I love you all and pray that your lives are going well. I know life is hard and busy. However take time to slow down and ponder the love our Father in Heaven has for us. He gave His only begotten son Jesus Christ for us. Remember He is the Redeemer. I know this to be true for I have felt it and witnessed a change in my life. Do the same!! Les quiero y se que Dios Le ama muchísimo!!

Elder Saunders de Ciudadela   

See it. Feel it. Trust it.
pics of the hill we climbed and lunch one day

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

8/16/16 Week two in windy city of Comodoro!!

Hola mis amigos,

Bueno this last week was an interesting one. Mid week I got sick and slept for almost 24 hours straight and then the next day was a hyper little missionary. I guess after you sleep for a day God gives you energy.Haha the overall message I learned this week is patience. 

Tuesday the highlight was that we found and taught an old investigator named Victor. The lesson was sweet and his family is golden. Im excited to keep teaching them.
Wednesday we did service in the morning and then I died and slept for 24 hours straight. I was really light headed and my stomach felt like it was going to explode but I am doing better now. 
Thursday we did some legal stuff for my "para aqua" haha thats what i call him because he is from Paraquay. Then we another lesson with good old victor and found out that like his whole family wants to listen so we had a lesson with like 8 adults and it was soooo cool. The spirit was there and we are going back tonight!! 
Friday the highlight was having a lesson with Gaston y Veronica. Gaston is the best investigator ever. He drives us around to other lessons and helps us more then most members. Once he gets baptized he is going to be the number one go to for help. We watched the movie "Together Forever" and it was amazing they are now kinda thinking about getting married. Pray for marriage my friends!! If he gets married he gets baptized.
Saturday we played futbol with the youth and I found out that my feet dont work, and that they do better planted by a golf ball. However maybe i will get better. Then we walked around in the rain and got nice and wet. We tried going by a few investgators but no one was home:( 
Sunday the wonderful day where I get to sit in Church and not walk. We take a taxi with Hermana Carizzo my mission Grandma that would be best friends with Grandma Saunders. Haha that night we went over to La FliaBlackwood and had a nice Noche de Hogar. It went well and they are like my family. The mom is my mission mom and I can already tell her everything. She likes to make me eat a lot of food and take home even more so Elder Aquino and I started doing Insanity to make up the difference. 

Well friends this week was good. The patience I learned came from just wanting to teach. I went a few days without teaching a lesson to an investigator and all I wanted to do was teach. The moment you open you mouth as a missionary God feels your mouth. I will miss that after the mission. I know as we pray we recieve answers. Pray now and with your faith the prayer in you heart will be answered. Do Gods will and you will be blessed. Try to do your best and watch the blessings come in. Things that I have seen in the mission have strenghthend my testimony and weakened my englishhaha I know the church is true. I know families are eternal and nothing brings me more happiness. One day I will be married in the temple and I testify of this a lot here. Les quiero y en verdad les amose que Jesucritso vive y su Expiacion es poderoso. Se que mifamilia es eternal y usted puede tener una familia como mia tambien. Se que mi Padre Celestial me ama y les ama tambienHasta la proxima semana

Elder Saunders de Comodoro Rivadavia!! 
See it. Feel it. Trust it.
pics of me the one day we cooked food and the rain that i love haha

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

8/8/16 Comodoro or should I say Ciudadela!!!

Hola todos como están,

Bueno, this week was well a fun little rollercoaster ride. The first part of the week was full of travels, seeing missionaries I know, and getting to know a new area. I left Calafate around noon on Tuesday, and right when I got on that Bus the emotions hit me. My mind went through all the memories, all the people I love, and just man I didnt want to cry. Then on these buses they play movies, and they put on the Pursuit of Happiness my second favorite movie. I say the title and I just started crying like a baby;) I had four hours on this bus then a six hour wait in Rio Gallegos, and I took another bus for 12 hours to Comodoro. When I got to Comodoro my comp was waiting for me and because my two trainders are comps right now and zone leaders they were there too. It was awesome to be able to talk to my buddies Elder Cortes y Elder Petersen. Then we went to work....

My new area is well interesting. It is huge we walk a lot like a lot a lot, but I love it well I am trying to love it. My city is named Ciudadela so if you want to look it up you may. I already have a grandma in the area. She is Hermana Carizzo and she reminds me a lot of my grandma saunders. So I love her. We dont have a lot of investigators right now but we are working with what we got. The few we do have are not married so we are going to play cupid and get them married so they can get baptized. They are living with their boyfriends/girlfriends so that is fun;) haha 

Elder Aquino is my new companion. He is from Paraguay and doesnt know a lick of english so I speak Spanish now. His accent is different and hard to understand but Im getting used to it. Sunday was fun we have an actual church and lots of members. I bore my testimony and wow my spanish is a lot better then it was week one in Calafate. 

Well friends wish me luck and prayers to help us find people to teach would well bring to pass miracles. Thanks for all the support and prayers you have offered for me. I know this is the true Church. Christ is the head of His chuch, and He suffered for us. He knows you I know He does. Remember Him and work to be more like Him. I know He talks with our Prophet. Thomas S. Monson speaks with Him and recieves revelation for us. Listen to the prophet! I know the Book of Mormon is true. Joseph Smith translated that book. I know Joseph saw God the Father and His son Jesus Christ. I know you can know these things like I know them. Just pray and ask our Father in Heaven. He WILL answer you. Stay faithful, work hard, remember life is not easy, and like good old Maria in Calafate... Yo tengo fe y siempre voy a la iglesia!!! Les quiero y realmente les amo!!! 

Elder Saunders de el fin del mundo:)

See it. Feel it. Trust it.
pics of the pension and package

me eating at a members house, and my new comp and i

Monday, August 1, 2016

8/1/16 Transfers and Goodbyes

Hola Todos,

I hope everyone is doing well and that life is just full of wonderful experiences that are bringing happiness. This last week has been a tough one. Throughout the whole week I had to tell people buy. Members, friends, investigators, converts, companions, Elders, and my pension that is my home. Six months in an area really sucks! Haha it was amazing I loved it sooo much and the reason it sucks is the goodbyes are bitter. However I know that one day if not in this life I will see them again. One comfort that my branch President told me is that he is going to take my converts to the temple. He promised he would get them there. I love that man and Presidente Ortellado will always be a friend. Use his example to love and magnify your callings in the church. 

As I am sitting here my friend and convert Cristian Portillo is with us! He lives alone and always told us he was Catholic. However now he is a member! He is preparing to get the Priesthood and I guess I want yall to know that you can change. People told us he would not change but he did. With faith in the Savior and His Atonement everything is possible. 

I know the Plan of Salvation is real. We are in the middle of this plan right now. We are tests, challenges, problems, or whatever you want to call them every day. Through these we are able to grow and learn. In my mission I have learned that mistakes are necessary we are perfect and exact obedience is hard. I have learned how it feels to use the Atonement. I know what kind of missionary I want to be and how to do it. I am excited to utilize the next year and a half I have in Argentina! We can all repent or change to be closer to God and one day return to live with Him and become like Him if we live the teachings of His son. That should be your goal. Make that goal now and live up to it. You WILL find happiness!

I know Christ lives. I have felt His love, His atoning sacrifice, and I know you can too. I know people can change. I have seen them do it. Ive seen an elderly Lady my first baptism Maria stop smoking just because two kids told her to. She stopped for God. She always says, " Tengo fe, Tengo fe, siempre voy a la iglesia." Please have faith, go to church, and you WILL see blessings. Maria did and you will! I love you all take of my family if you know them, and remember all will be well the Lord is in charge!! ¡Les amo un monton! 

Elder Saunders de El Calafate por la última vez:)

See it. Feel it. Trust it.
El Chalten i forgot to tell yall we went to El Chalten where the mountain Fitz Roy is!

pics of goodbye fotos and mas!