Wednesday, August 17, 2016

8/16/16 Week two in windy city of Comodoro!!

Hola mis amigos,

Bueno this last week was an interesting one. Mid week I got sick and slept for almost 24 hours straight and then the next day was a hyper little missionary. I guess after you sleep for a day God gives you energy.Haha the overall message I learned this week is patience. 

Tuesday the highlight was that we found and taught an old investigator named Victor. The lesson was sweet and his family is golden. Im excited to keep teaching them.
Wednesday we did service in the morning and then I died and slept for 24 hours straight. I was really light headed and my stomach felt like it was going to explode but I am doing better now. 
Thursday we did some legal stuff for my "para aqua" haha thats what i call him because he is from Paraquay. Then we another lesson with good old victor and found out that like his whole family wants to listen so we had a lesson with like 8 adults and it was soooo cool. The spirit was there and we are going back tonight!! 
Friday the highlight was having a lesson with Gaston y Veronica. Gaston is the best investigator ever. He drives us around to other lessons and helps us more then most members. Once he gets baptized he is going to be the number one go to for help. We watched the movie "Together Forever" and it was amazing they are now kinda thinking about getting married. Pray for marriage my friends!! If he gets married he gets baptized.
Saturday we played futbol with the youth and I found out that my feet dont work, and that they do better planted by a golf ball. However maybe i will get better. Then we walked around in the rain and got nice and wet. We tried going by a few investgators but no one was home:( 
Sunday the wonderful day where I get to sit in Church and not walk. We take a taxi with Hermana Carizzo my mission Grandma that would be best friends with Grandma Saunders. Haha that night we went over to La FliaBlackwood and had a nice Noche de Hogar. It went well and they are like my family. The mom is my mission mom and I can already tell her everything. She likes to make me eat a lot of food and take home even more so Elder Aquino and I started doing Insanity to make up the difference. 

Well friends this week was good. The patience I learned came from just wanting to teach. I went a few days without teaching a lesson to an investigator and all I wanted to do was teach. The moment you open you mouth as a missionary God feels your mouth. I will miss that after the mission. I know as we pray we recieve answers. Pray now and with your faith the prayer in you heart will be answered. Do Gods will and you will be blessed. Try to do your best and watch the blessings come in. Things that I have seen in the mission have strenghthend my testimony and weakened my englishhaha I know the church is true. I know families are eternal and nothing brings me more happiness. One day I will be married in the temple and I testify of this a lot here. Les quiero y en verdad les amose que Jesucritso vive y su Expiacion es poderoso. Se que mifamilia es eternal y usted puede tener una familia como mia tambien. Se que mi Padre Celestial me ama y les ama tambienHasta la proxima semana

Elder Saunders de Comodoro Rivadavia!! 
See it. Feel it. Trust it.
pics of me the one day we cooked food and the rain that i love haha

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