Tuesday, August 30, 2016

8/29/16 Carry On y Le Quiero

Hey Everyone,

This last week like always was full of all kinds of fun and what not. We had lots good times with other missionaries along with investigators and members. A few highlights...We had zone meeting, we did service for a member and I got a blood blister, Leoarndo came to church, and I found out that there is a decent golf course here in Comodoro and met someone who plays a lot of golf. So we have plenty to talk about apart from the gospel. 

The first part of the week went pretty slow and normal. We taught a lot and that was great but nothing really happened that was exciting. Thursday we had a really awesome day. We had a bunch of lessons, found a few new investigators, and knocked a lot of doors. It was one of those days where you just feel like you did everything you could, and go to bed really happy. Then on Friday we had our Zone Meeting. We put a lot of goals and other missionaries talked. Being in a big zone is sometimes fun, but I miss my small little zone de Calafate. 

Leonardo from a miracle came to church. We didnt know that he was going to go and we went to pick his cousin up and his cousin was sleeping but he wanted to come so he came. They all basically live in this cluster home and we are teaching over 15 people that live in the home cluster thing. haha so church went well and he wants to bring his family next week. he has two kids and a girlfriend. like everyone they arent married so time to be cupid again. 

I can feel a change in myself. The mission and more than anything the gospel can change your life. Reading the scriptures and testifying of them everyday is something that is changing my life. I see the ways our Heavenly Father has blessed people before and know He will bless me. The thing we have to remember is that we have to act and show our part. I know God will bless you as you strive to improve just a little bit everyday.

I have been reading a lot about the beginning of the Church, pioneers, and the first decades of the saints in Utah. It amazes me how much faith and struggles they went through. When life gets hard, which I know it does. Put your strength in God like our early saints did. I am proud to know that I have ancestors who "carried on" like my favorite him says. To all of you that are struggling and going through what could be compared to a terrible frost, handcart journey, bleeding feet, starvation, and much more, I say I know that God is aware of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. All three of which you have agency to control. Choose wisley, and watch the blessings roll in. I love you all and I pray for you a lot. Tears are shed a lot in my life. The Lord seems to be tenderizing me!!! haha that sounds like im a steak or something but I dont know how else to say it. haha les quiero y Dios le ama muchísimo!! 

Elder Saunders "Carry On" 

See it. Feel it. Trust it.
pics of the pension and such

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