Tuesday, August 9, 2016

8/8/16 Comodoro or should I say Ciudadela!!!

Hola todos como están,

Bueno, this week was well a fun little rollercoaster ride. The first part of the week was full of travels, seeing missionaries I know, and getting to know a new area. I left Calafate around noon on Tuesday, and right when I got on that Bus the emotions hit me. My mind went through all the memories, all the people I love, and just man I didnt want to cry. Then on these buses they play movies, and they put on the Pursuit of Happiness my second favorite movie. I say the title and I just started crying like a baby;) I had four hours on this bus then a six hour wait in Rio Gallegos, and I took another bus for 12 hours to Comodoro. When I got to Comodoro my comp was waiting for me and because my two trainders are comps right now and zone leaders they were there too. It was awesome to be able to talk to my buddies Elder Cortes y Elder Petersen. Then we went to work....

My new area is well interesting. It is huge we walk a lot like a lot a lot, but I love it well I am trying to love it. My city is named Ciudadela so if you want to look it up you may. I already have a grandma in the area. She is Hermana Carizzo and she reminds me a lot of my grandma saunders. So I love her. We dont have a lot of investigators right now but we are working with what we got. The few we do have are not married so we are going to play cupid and get them married so they can get baptized. They are living with their boyfriends/girlfriends so that is fun;) haha 

Elder Aquino is my new companion. He is from Paraguay and doesnt know a lick of english so I speak Spanish now. His accent is different and hard to understand but Im getting used to it. Sunday was fun we have an actual church and lots of members. I bore my testimony and wow my spanish is a lot better then it was week one in Calafate. 

Well friends wish me luck and prayers to help us find people to teach would well bring to pass miracles. Thanks for all the support and prayers you have offered for me. I know this is the true Church. Christ is the head of His chuch, and He suffered for us. He knows you I know He does. Remember Him and work to be more like Him. I know He talks with our Prophet. Thomas S. Monson speaks with Him and recieves revelation for us. Listen to the prophet! I know the Book of Mormon is true. Joseph Smith translated that book. I know Joseph saw God the Father and His son Jesus Christ. I know you can know these things like I know them. Just pray and ask our Father in Heaven. He WILL answer you. Stay faithful, work hard, remember life is not easy, and like good old Maria in Calafate... Yo tengo fe y siempre voy a la iglesia!!! Les quiero y realmente les amo!!! 

Elder Saunders de el fin del mundo:)

See it. Feel it. Trust it.
pics of the pension and package

me eating at a members house, and my new comp and i

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