Monday, August 22, 2016

8/22/16 Fasting and The Church is True

Hey Everyone,

Alrighty so this last week was interesting. I was able to see the hand of the Lord in many peoples lives including mine. One thing I have learned this week is to trust in the Lord, and as we do our part He will bless us. 

Elder Aquino and I have this family that has been talking with the missionaries for over two years. The father has been to church over 15 times and the mother is catholic. Gaston (the father) is an amazing man. He wants the best for his children and has been trying to get Veronica (his girlfriend/wife but not married) to let him take the kids to church. The first day I met the family was the first day Veronica started listening to us. We shared a video and then the next lesson we shared scriptures about eternal families. Then our District Leader decided that we should do a "Super Dia" and fast for hearts of our investigators to accept Baptismal Fechas. So I fasted and prayed. We had a good start to our "super dia" finding a few new investigators and teaching a little bit. Then we had our lesson with Gaston and Veronica. We taught the Restoration. We explained how our Church is the only true church. It was simple but powerful. I asked Gaston what he thought and the most magical words came out of his mouth. He said," Well Elder I believe its just all true... all of it." When he said that all my body and spirit good do was be happy but my eyes decided to cry and so I sat there in their humble house just crying. Veronica then spoke and told us she wants to come to church and feel the same way Gaston does. They also both accepted a Baptismal Date and a marriage date!!! Sooo we are going to be cupid and get these two married!!! I am just happy, really happy!!!:)

With this story I learned that Fasting works. I learned that I am a son from Jeff and Lynette Saunders so I cry. I learned the Chruch is true very true. The Gospel can and will change your life. Christ loves you and His arms are streched out waiting to hug you, BUT you have to, you have to take the a step towards Him. However the moment you take that step He is with you the entire time through out your life. As we strive to live His gospel the gospel of Jesus Christ, we obtain blessings. You just have to look for them sometimes because the biggest blessings are the simple ones. Your family, car, house, yard, dog, phone, a happy feeling, sleep, a bed, toilets, and well basically you get the idea.

Besides "super dia" the week was pretty chill. It rained for like threeish days straight so "dusty comodoro" became "muddy comodoro". I want to share a scripture in Alma. I was reading the other day Saturday morning and came accross this scripture that made me feel something amazing. In Alma 5:26 it asks a question on the lines of.. "If you have felt the love, spirit, or power of Christ, and if it has changed you, can you feel it now?" I ask you the same can you feel your change of heart? Have you ever even once in your life seen the hand of God? If you are inactive or not a member and know the church, have you seen something different, more pure, bright, happy in the lives of faithful members? I know I have, and I know Christ lives, and because of Him we can all see things too! You can See it. Feel it. and after you See it. and Feel it. please take the advice of the movie " Seven Days in Utopia" and Trust it.! I KNOW you will find a new happiness in and through the Gospel of Jesus Chirst. 

I love you all and pray that your lives are going well. I know life is hard and busy. However take time to slow down and ponder the love our Father in Heaven has for us. He gave His only begotten son Jesus Christ for us. Remember He is the Redeemer. I know this to be true for I have felt it and witnessed a change in my life. Do the same!! Les quiero y se que Dios Le ama muchísimo!!

Elder Saunders de Ciudadela   

See it. Feel it. Trust it.
pics of the hill we climbed and lunch one day

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