Thursday, September 8, 2016

9/5/16 The Church is True!

Hola Todos,

Bueno this week went by crazy fast. We had a lot of fun and I got to talk to a bunch of missionaries which is always fun. My two traniors and I talked for awhile and it was nice to catch up with them. Hopefully we will continue to stay in contact for life! 

Tuesday was a nice change of work, where we did service with the other Elders in our distirct. I learned how to make cement and we made a floor for a shed and it was really cool. 
Wednesday we had a pretty normal day we were able to teach a little bit which was nice. We are seeing progressing in our investigators and it seems like we are going to baptize this next transfer which is awesome.
Thursday we had conference with President and it was with three zones. So we had over 50 missionaries together. We learned how we need to utilize Preach My Gospel and become a mission that Teaches Repentence and Baptizes Converts. It was good long but good. I never thought I would have the patience to sit in a chair for over four hours and not want to go crazy. Changes that come from the mission!!! haha
Friday we had a crazy day and one of our recent converts was freaking out! So we helped her a little bit and then had a lesson with another investigator who came to church last week named Leonardo. He is doing well but had to work yesterday and couldnt come to church. We also played soccer with a bunch of old drunks and I found out I am terrible at soccer;)  
Saturday we as in my district worked all day planning and getting ready for an activity that we are having this Friday. Its a Night of Foods. Everyone is making their best plate of food and we are going to judge them and find out who is the "Master Chef". I had a fun time just messing around with Elder Lloyd from Sandy!! 
Sunday we took three kids to church with us. Two eleven yearolds and a fourteen year old and I never want kids now;) haha just kidding but for real I officially feel awful for my actions of a crazy kid and hope my kids arent insane. We also found an old investigator and everything is just looking good here.

So this last week I was reading and thinking about the Atonement. It marvels me how we have someone who knows us. Think about that! Christ knows you perfectly. Now think about all the times we are sad, mad, frustrated, confused, in pain, or happy. He knows those exact feelings for you, me, and everyone. I know He knows you, and I know He knows me. I have felt His love for me as I have tried to make changes in my life. I know it is possible to change and He wants us to do so. I know as well that Joseph Smith was a prophet. He restored the Church of Jesus Christ and we have that church today. I know you can all know this too. Its simple but complex. Prayer. A short thought to our Father in Heaven can change your life. You can feel HIs love, JUST ASK! I know its worth it, and it will always be worth it. I love you all and know our Savior and Father in Heaven do too!!! Les Quiero y Vamos a bautizar el mundo!!!

Elder Saunders   

See it. Feel it. Trust it.
my district and me and food

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