Tuesday, May 2, 2017

5/2/17 Heavenly Father Loves You

Hola Todos,

Another week has come and gone and we are doing well here in Trelew. Water has come back and we have been able to shower normally everyday. The simple things are sometimes the best. Our week began pretty slow, trying to put the new emphasis of obedience into practice. Taking out bad habits is hard, but I know I can do it. Thursday we had our last Zone Meeting. One of the new things in the mission is that we are only going to have District Meeting. So we wanted to end with an amazing Zone Meeting. I believe it went well and we all almost cried. I finally gave a talk I was happy with and completed one of my goals of doing better in public speaking. We shared a video called, Missionary Work and the Atonement. Elder Holland explains very well why the mission isnt easy. It wont ever be easy, cause it was never easy for Christ. Remember that when times get hard. I know Christ wants and needs you to push through the tough moments. 

Our weekend is where the magic started happening. After a week of struggling with all the rule changes and trying to be more obedient, God showed us why we really need to obey. Saturday we finished preparing everything for the Baptism of the Hermana Amelia (our Abuela). She gave an amazing prayer that night, that brougtht tears to my eyes. The tears didnt leave cause I really didnt want to cry, but wow she has really changed in the last few weeks. Sunday we had the baptism. It has been over twenty months since the last baptism in our area, Soooo go Abuela for being the curse breaker. The Spirit was there, I felt it. Its been awhile since I have felt soo happy, with peace, the Holy Ghost has done wonders for me this week. I feel more worthy to have the Spirit with me and to teach with Him on my side. Thats why we are obedient my friends. I also made brownies for Amelia because she loves chocolate. 

Funny story, when we were teaching her about the word of wisdom she thaught that we werent able to eat chocolate. We all laughed and now the joke is that the Elders cant eat chocolate in their house. jaja be careful with the chocolate;)

Yesterday was a holiday called Worker´s Day. Everyone had the day off, like everyone. It was weird cause no one was in the street. Everyone was having their Argentine BBQ(Asado). We didnt have PDay and thats why I am writing today. Yesterday was perfect. We had four people accept baptism dates and three of them were a family. We found them through the family of the Abuela who was baptized. The youngest daughter has taken her friend to church with her and we finally found her family. They all want to be baptized. The mom Yessica, the son Derik, and the Daughter Triana. It was an amazing lesson and the how time the kids were begging their mom to be baptized. Miracles! Elder Rodriguez and I left that lesson grateful for the miracle and excited to keep baptizing here in Union 2! Triana the friend of the member family, talked so much about my companion and I to her mom that she knew our names before we got there. They call me their gringo;) 

I know that serving a mission isnt easy. Its not, and it never will be. My dad sent me a letter this week saying the same thing. Expressing his love to me and showing me why I am really here in Argentina. Listen to your parents! They love you! You will miss them one day. I know that families are eternal. I want one, and I know that through obedience to the laws and ordinaces of the gospel of Jesus Christ will give me mine. Dont give up, never give up. Push through the hard times. Repent, and be forgiven. Forgive others and yourself. Remember Heavenly Father loves you. I know He love you and me. We are His children. When life is rough, when you think all is lost, when you feel alone, lost, or that trying is hopeless REMEMBER Christ knows how you feel. You are not alone! Trust in Him, Love Him, and watch how He will love and change you. Little by little, never too much, never too little. He knows what we need. I have felt His love this week as I have failed to obey and tried to change. I know we have His church. I know it. Les Quiero. 

Elder Saunders del fin del mundo!

See it. Feel it. Trust it.

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