Monday, February 29, 2016

2/29/2016 The Week with well everything‏


This last week has been really crazy, fun, enjoyable, full of learning, and well just flat out missionary work. The first few days of the week were normal. We had lessons, knocked doors, and just had a good old time down in the end of the world. On Tuesday we were just knocking doors and were about to knock this one house when this nice old lady comes running out and sais to come in like fifty times. we then taught her the Word of wisdom and baptism and invited her to be baptized. she said yes and is just the perfect investigator. the work her in calafate is prepared and of guided by our Heavenly Father.

we then went to a conference with Elder Bednar and 6000 other missionaries in the south america missions. it was really good and i learned that i will be okay before the meeting i was feeling pretty dumb and i felt like i knew nothing about what i was doing. however i now know that i just need to keep on working my butt off. 

The next cool experience came from our branch family home evening. we invited maria our investigator that i mentioned above, and she ended up coming. we had a good time played games and felt the spirit of course. all was seeming to go well until maria started to have a seizure. it was crazy and we gave her a blessing and all went back to normal. she is an older lady and we were really scared for her health. we took her back to her house and gave her another blessing and all is well now. the power of the priesthood is real and we need to be ready to use it always.

we then traveled to 28 de noviembre for a zone conference. we stayed there until yesterday and we just got back to calafate last night around one in the morning. so i am really tired and full of the knowledge of my misión presidente. i learnded more about how misión life Works and how to just be a better missionary. I left the conference with a new found confidence that all will be okay and that i can be a the missionary that Heavenly Father needs me to be if i just do the things i know how to do. yes that simple. we just need to do the things we know we need to be doing. we had the oppurtunity to witness a two baptisms and i cant wait for my  first baptism. i will probably cry because well i almost cried during the other ones and they werent even people i know. i have found out i am a big cry baby and i am proud of it.

well that was the week full of traveling, priesthood blessings, informaiton, and the good old espíritu santo. my companion and i are doing good. some of yall asked for more informaiton about him. he has been in calafate for three months so this will be his last transfer. he is moncloba Coahuila mexico and has been a member his whole life. his parents were baptized as teenagers and he is the youngest in his family. he is the biggest joker ever. we show our love to one an other by messing with each other. we are the cleanest missionaries ever, and i found that out this week while going from house to house of the other missionaries in the different áreas.

next week is my birthday and so i get to play golf. i am way excited. thanks for the support and the prayers. all is well here in argentina and i will talk to yall next week. I know that this church is true and if we do the simple things we all know how to do we will be blessed. i love the scriptures and invite yall to read from them just one more minute tan you did yesterday. i know you will be blessed. i love you all and i know our savior does too.

Elder Saunders 
See it. Feel it. Trust it.
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