Monday, March 7, 2016

3/7/2016 Happy Birthday Devin!!!

Devin did not send a blog letter today- He is having too much fun partying for his birthday.  But he did send a quick email to  the family- I thought I would post it for now.

BTW - He has the best family and friends.  Notice that he recieved 50 emails wishing him Happy Birthday!  Thanks everyone. It warms this Missionary Momma's heart to know how many people love and support him.

 Hey Fam,

I hope all is well. Since we want to party today and go out to eat and play golf and one of our miembros has a bday today as well i will not be writing a big letter for the blog. However i wanted to let yall know i love you and feel your prayers as i am serving down here in the end of the world. We have had some crazy experiences that i will write about later this week in the big letter. Thanks for the bday wishes and man i have a support system. i recieved fifty emails today and well i am overwhelmed with the love of yall back home. I miss yall but when we teach all the homesickness goes away and never want to leave. the spirit is strong down here and i love the work and people. I am starting to be able to actually talk with people by myself and that is nice. well i love yall and i will write you later this week about the last week. oh the bday plan is as follows... eat at a buffet, go say hi to the member with a bday today as well, and then go gofling so i am so pumped. 


Elder Saunders 

See it. Feel it. Trust it.

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