Monday, March 21, 2016

3/21/2016 Another week of Fun

Hey everyone,

Alright another week gone and another week full of fun missionary adventures. First i want to thank everyone who has been Reading these letters it means a lot and the support I have is amazing. I can feel your prayers as i strive to do the Lords will. Also i apologize for spelling grammer and well my language in total i dont really know how to speak right now because between spanish and english i dont know what is what. My companion and district think it is pretty funny.

Hmmm lets see so this last week we had a lot of work with all of our investigators with baptism dates. right now we have 15 people with a date for baptism. that is a lot of people to worry and pray for but we are doing our best. we have a family right now that has five kids and four of them came to church this yesterday but not with there mom sooo that meant I got to play dad for three hours. they are crazy and all under the age of 12. to all you parents out there i love you and bless you with the patience not to scream because i barely made it the three hours of church. haha i love those Little balls of crazy.

another thing is because my companion is leaving calafate next week for transfer we are going golfing tomorrow to celebrate his legacy here in calafate. haha i am excited and ready to make a few putts. we also have been walking a bunch to the two ends of the city for service so my legs have been dead. i have been asked a Little about my laundry. we have a washer in the pension but we dont have a dryer so we hang dry and it takes about a day to dry some things a a few hours for others it just depends. so that is fun and we have to be Smart of our time we use the washer so we have clothes that are not wet in the morning.

Well the biggest adventure of the week has been with our wonderful Maria. she is getting baptized on friday and i am soooo excited. we have known her for about four weeks so just a Little less then i have been here. her story is awesome she has stopped smoking, her health has increased like crazy, she prays, reads, and comes to church every week, and well she has so much faith. I love her. I will send pics of the baptism next week.

I know that our Heavenly Father is in charge. He has a plan for each and everyone of his children and these plans will come to pass. I know that in times of hardship, boredom, sickness, and well everything there is one person we can turn to for help. Our Savior Jesús Christ is there waiting for you to ask for help. I have felt his loving hand in my life and on my misión. Please think and turn to him this week. I love you all and I love our Heavenly Father and Savior Jesús Christ. I know this church is true and the Little things we do each day like prayer and scripture study bring the peace and joy we all search for. Till next week in the end of the world.

Elder Devin Jay Saunders 

See it. Feel it. Trust it.

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