Monday, April 11, 2016

4/11/16 Cold, Cold, and More Cold

Hey everyone,

This week was awesome... and really really really cold. Well it is just a lot colder than it has been so it feels really cold. I have taken my big winter coat out for the first time in the mission. So ya that is pretty fun trying not to freeze. Haha it is actually kinda fun because we have to run to stay warm so i get some good old cardio in. I also started working out with my companion Elder Petersen and well at one point I was soo sore and tired that I could not do a pushup!! haha 

The work this week was crazy we have been meeting with a family called Familia Lotitos and the mom and oldest daughter are members but the dad and youngest two kids Nasalino and Wanda are not. The two kids accepted and picked their own Baptism date for the 30!!!!!!! It is so awesome to see their desire and willingness to follow the example of Christ.

We also have been teaching an older lady named Rosa. She is like the missionaries dream. When we taught the first vision she told us she saw it in a dream before. She also told us about a dream where she saw her mom and she and her were wearing white so ya baptism time! Haha she came to church for the first time yesterday too, and she brought a friend so ya know I love this lady.

My baptism from a few weeks ago is doing alright. She has a lot of health problems and has Epilepsy Attacks a lot. However she always tells us she has faith and with this faith she will always go to church. So that is good I just hope she can get healthy. 

We also had Divisions this week with the Assistants and I went with Elder Derrick from St. George, Utah. It was way fun and we just had good time, and I learned how to just teach direct and with love. That day we also had a Noche De Hogar in the church and played a lot of foosball. I am getting pretty good. 

The last cool thing was yesterday at church it was soooo cold and the church does not have a working heater. So after the first hour which is Priesthood and Relief Society we just had the sacrament and everyone went home. Yes church was canceled because it was too cold. How bout that Patagonia weather!? Haha 

Well I just love knowing the peace and safety the Gospel can bring. I know that in times of hardship and struggle we can turn to our Savior and He WILL lift us and help us push through. I know how important families are and that they are eternal. I know that one day we will look back and see the hand of God in our lives. I invite everyone who reads this to look for this. Look for the hand of our Heavenly Father in your life and write it down at least once this week! I love you all and I know our Savior and Father in Heaven does too!!!

With Love from the End of The World,

Elder Saunders

See it. Feel it. Trust it

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