Monday, April 25, 2016

4/25/16 Interviews and Travels‏

Whats up Everyone,

This last week was well for the work in Calafate really tough. We were in our area for only two days to work. I emailed about interviews and the glacier last week but that is still in this week so that happened. My mission president talked about how wanting to obey and be obedient will change our lives. So I have made a new goal to start obeying just a little more than I have before. Yes obeying every rule is really hard but are going to give it a go! 

We were able to work on wednesday and thursday. Our investigators got all small doses of spiritual firebombs because we didnt have a lot of time to talk with all of them. However one of our investigators that has been in the hospital for over 9 months with two different broken legs gets to leave in a week! That means he can finally be baptized. He has a fecha for the end of May!

Then we went to Rio Gallegos for basically a little stake conference but for the district because we dont have a stake down here. It is four hours by bus so that was nice i guess. Haha in Rio Gallegos I was able to stay in a pension with all of my companions so far in the mission. Elder Whitehead from the MTC, Elder Cortes my first trainor, and Elder Peterson my companion right now! How crazy is that eh?? That was a really fun night and I will always remember that!

Then on Sunday we came home to Calafate. Yes I call my home Calafate now. I love this place and I dream of coming back here with my future family and wife. This is the best part of the world for real. We then just recovered from our travels and did a lot of pushups. Haha this week i did 200 more than last week so that is super cool. 

Well this week was pretty slow for the work but I was able to feel the Spirit a lot as we met with a large group of faithful members. I also had the oppurtunity to go on divisiones with my MTC companion Elder Whitehead and we taught a lesson to his upcoming baptism. We are just a little better at teaching now or should I say a lot better.

I know that this church is true. I know life is hard very hard, but I know that if we fortify our families we will be able to have peace in our life. I know the importance of the temple and my mom is the best example I know about going often. She is my inspiration when it comes to about well everything. This week I have just got a new desire to work hard and be obedient. This week is called " Super Semana", and we have put huge goals and are going to work extra hard and yes baptize the world! Haha thank you for all the support and love I can feel your prayers. I know the Atonement is real and I invite you to repent this week. Another word for repentence is change. Just pick one small thing and change. Just do it!!! I know it will bless your life in soooo many ways. I have felt the blessings of the Atonement and they are wonderful. I love you all and Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ do as well. 

Con Amor,

Elder Saunders 


See it. Feel it. Trust it.

Devin with all his companions
Elder Cortes, Elder Peterson, Devin, Elder Whitehead

Elder Whitehead, Elder Cortes, Elder Peterson, Devin

Selfie because Mom wanted mom pics

And another selfie to please mom

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