Saturday, May 7, 2016

5/7/16 Super Semana y Bautismos

Hey Everyone,

This last week was crazy. As I mentioned last week this week was "Super Semana". This meant that we worked like crazy and we set huge that we almost accomplished. The first part of the week we had a lot of desires to work really hard. We went crazy and met almost all of our goals. We had a different "day" for each key indicator that we have in the mission. Being "Super Semana" that also meant that we had to go "Super" on our Flexiones de Brazos so that is what we did and each day I did over 300 push ups. 

On Wednesday our goal was to do over 50 contacts. We went around contacting basically every person that we saw. We got a lot of people who didnt want anything but we also found a few new investigators. We were contacting people in the street and we just gave this kid a contacting card and he said sweet and that he might call us. We didnt think much of it till after a lesson fell through Elder Petersen was like where should we go and i was just like lets just walk i so we did. In my head I was looking for another investigator that we hadnt talked to forever then I saw this house and thought it looked different or even the house of the investigator i I was thinking about. However when we got up to it the same kid came out of the house and we had a crazy good lesson and put a Fecha. So now he has a Fecha for the 28 de Mayo. His name is Nicolas.

Earlier that day we were contacting apartments and we were just invited into a house. That is the best when someone opens a door and just says to come in. We  were in the middle of the lesson and this lesson was different he was cooking the whole time and Lord of the Rings was on in the background. There was a little pause in talking and out of no where I just asked him if he had Internet in his house. He then says yes and goes upstairs to get his laptop. While he was upstairs Elder Petersen asked me are you going to show a video or why did you asked that. I didnt really know why so I just said Tengo Fe. Haha so then we shared Elder Hollands testimony of the Book of Mormon. The spirit was strong and Sebestion felt something. We could see it in his eyes. 

Then the best part of the week came. Our baptisms.!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wanda and Nazareno Lotito were baptized this last week. It was special and the spirit was there. When I baptized Nazareno his aunt was just balling and she almost made me cry but I held it in for the pictures. Then Elder Petersen baptized Wanda but this was one of the craziest things ever she was sooooo I mean soooo scared of the water. It took over one hour and a half to get her to feel comfortable to go under and to even get in the font took over 45 minutes. Not to mention this was Elder Petersens first baptism so it will always be in his heart. We had a good turn out for the baptism and the Wanda who is 8 and Nazareno who is 11 had a good time. 

Elder Petersen and I had the oppurtunity as well to confirm Wanda y Nazareno. It was our first times doing that as well but wow the Spirit is true. In a whole this week was "Super". Haha we had bautismos, found new investigators, felt he spirit, taught a whole bunch, and well did the work of our Savior. I know that I am here to Baptize, and that I will baptize more here in my mission. I have set a lofty but I reachable goal to baptize in every transfer of my mission. What more of a blessing can I have then to have had 3 bautismos in my first two transfers. 

I know this church is true. I know our Savior lives. He lives and is there waiting to help you through whatever you need in your life. I know this to be true and I know that life is hard. Not everything is easy here. Satan exists. He doesnt want you to do what is right. I feel his temptations everyday and well I am not perfect. The Atonement is true. Use it for me and your family use the Atonement everyday. Pray and ask our Father in Heaven for forgiveness and through the Sacrafice of the Savior you WILL find peace and joy in all parts of your life. I love you all and thanks for the prayers and support. 

Con Amor,

Elder Saunders 

See it. Feel it. Trust it.


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