Wednesday, May 11, 2016

5/11/16 Transfers y Skype

Hey Everyone,

This last week was a good one. We had a lot of different people stay in our pension and I was able to travel to Rio Gallegos and see my first companion. In a whole this week I was just able to talk with a lot of different Elders and Hermanas and kinda just feel the normal missionary life outside of the small district of Calafate. I played my first games of futbol and I found out I am not too bad just not too good either. Haha I will just stick to that golf thing. 
We finally got the heat to start working in the Capilla and because of this we had over forty come to church. That is a lot more then we have been getting and us missionaries just went insane. We were and still are super happy. We had a miracle yesterday too and another one on Saturday. 
Miracle number one. Sunday which was yesterday we were just starting second hour of church and this random guy came in and started saying that a member invited him to come to our church and so he did. We taught him in a Principios del Evangelio clase and he was just feeling it you could tell. We got his address and we are going to his house tomorrow to teach him more and then get him baptized. 
Miracle number two was on Saturday we were in the Capilla waiting for kids to show up for mutual and one of our old investigators just showed up. Her name is Janet and she wanted to see if we had clothes for some of her patients in the hospital. She volunteers in the hospital here in Calafate. We gave her some of the clothes that we have gotten from random people and then we took the clothes to her friends house and talked a little while. She then ended up coming to church the next day and that means she has three attendances so she can get baptized!!!!!!! 
Then the best part of the week happened and we had the oppurtunity to skype. I loved being able to see and talk to my family. They are the best and I have the biggest support system ever. I wish I could have been able to see and talk to all of yall who have been reading my letters. Thank you for your prayers and support to me and my family. Mom I hope you had a great Mothers Day and skypeing you was amazing. 
Well, I know that this church is true and that families are forever. Talking with my family and sharing my testimony with them was a moment I will never forget. I know that we all go through tough times. Times where maybe we are not going the things that we know that we should. I know that it is hard but I also know that we have a thing that a lot of people dont know about. We are able to asked for forgivness and repent or make a change and brings us just one little step closer to our Savior and Heavenly Father. I invite you to pick on thing in your life that you can change and work on fixing it. I love you all and I can feel your love everyday. Thank you. 

Con Amor,

Elder Saunders from the End of the World 

See it. Feel it. Trust it.

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