Thursday, November 10, 2016

11/7/16 El Libro de Mormon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hola Todos,

I hope that all is going well in your neck of the woods and that you have had a chance to pause and reflect on all the beauties of the world. This week was a good one with a few ups and downs being sick again hasnt help my spirits but life goes on as you all know. A few highlights we had zone meeting, Claudio received the priesthood, i found out that one of my investigators parents are members, and we are planning a very pretty Christmas month by doing special things each week as a mission in November. 

Yes even though I am in Argentina I did here that the Cubs won the world series and i through a tiny party by myself because my companions dont appreciate the importance of what happened. Haha we are also enjoying our newer and bigger house and it does feel like a mini America which is nice after long days.

I dont have a lot that was super cool this week, pretty normal stuff happened. However I have been thinking a lot about the Book of Mormon. This week in the mission is "Book of Mormon" week. As well I am only five pages away from finishing the book again. These two things bring me to think a lot of the importance of the book. Many people sacrificed their lives and a lot of time for the making of this book and sometimes I think we take it for granted. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. It contains everything we need. As we read it and study it we can feel the power it has and it can draw others to it. I invite all of you to put a bit of extra strength in reading the Book of Mormon. I know that as you do your life we get better and others that are around you will feel your spirit or more than your spirit the spirit of Christ that comes from the book. Its true I have seen it in my mission and I know that the book will NEVER fail.

The mission is not easy and sometimes us missionaries wonder why we are here. We dont see or know all we do. We lack the faith sometimes to realise the miracles that come form our service. Stress and the small things like numbers or the schedule or the rules or a president and other leaders watching all you do cover the small simple miracles that pass daily. Its a lot like life and we forget that. I know that as we slow down and try to find the small simple things life looks and seems easier. I received a letter today that helped me realise this. Thanks for the support and prayers you all send my way. I can feel them and now that Heavenly Father answers every prayer. I love you all and pray that all will be well. Les Quiero!

Elder Saunders      

See it. Feel it. Trust it.

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