Friday, November 4, 2016

10/31/16 New Pension and Im Happy:)

Hola Todos,

Well this last week was a good one with lots of fun activities. We recieved the news that we finally get to change pensions and are going to start moving everything today. My new pension is clean, and looks modern inside. I am really excited to be able to move and live in a kinda mini America;) haha It will be nice to have just a little more comfort when we get back home from working all day. We also have started a missionary choir and because my voice is basically the best in the world we joined... or maybe because my comp sings like an angel and I have to be with him at all times but hey i enjoy it too!:) We will be singing in a conference in the about a month. 

My week went pretty normal besides the whole moving pensions thing. We are working with a few really fun people and they are progressing well. I think I have written about Norma before but she is doing really well and is putting a habit to read the Book of Mormon in her life. She is searching for what she told us is a for sure answer and she is doing the best thing to find it. I cant wait until she can find it. We also have two more investigators who want to be baptized but arent married to their "girl or boyfriend" they basically are married and have kids just didnt get married before. So I get to play cupid and try to throw a few weddings this month. Wish me luck!:) 

We also have been talking with Claudio about recieving the priesthood. He has his interview this Thursday and he is more the ready to take this step. Last night we ate dinner with him and he made us Lasagna. It was amazing and he just loves the missionaries and church. It is always fun to spend time with him as I know I want always have this blessing of being so close to him. 

I want to close by sharing that I know that this church is true. This statement is said a lot in our church. In this moment I can without a doubt say yes I know its true and that anyone can know it too. The moment we start looking, that moment God starts sending answers. Small beautiful answers. We have to pay attention and look with spiritual desires. We have to show we really want to learn and feel. We have to have the faith to know it can come. I know that we can feel close to our Heavenly Father through prayer as we talk to Him and as we listen to Him as well. I have been working on listening better as I know we must listen after we ask. I love my mission and hope all of you know that Im here because its all true and nothing more or less. Its true and I love sharing it. Les quiero muchísimo:)

Con Amor,

Elder Saunders    

See it. Feel it. Trust it.

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