Saturday, April 15, 2017

4/10/17 Trelew with my Bolivian:)

Hola Todos,

Three months in Trelew have now past and we are finally out of the heat. The weather is perfect and besides a lot of rain we are doing well here. I dont know if you have heard but in Comodoro there was two big storms that brought major flooding and mudslides to the city. Our mission home is there and the office and without electriciy the mission is struggling in general. We ask for prayers and thoughts for the people who have lost everything and for the work of the Lord to be able to continue through service and love. 

We have been doing a lot of service for the people in Comodoro. Collecting donations, filling trucks with clean water, and fasting and praying for the people who live there. Its been nice to feel the spirit through simple acts of service. Service is sometimes hard for me to want to do because it does nothing for numbers and really seems like a waste of time. But this week I was able to learn and realize that its really the opposite. 

Some highlights of the week. It rained a lot. Nothing like in Comodoro but it rained and there wasnt any electricity for a few days or clean water.... so we didnt shower... not good for the nose;) My comp is sick and so we were able to take it easy and watch church movies for a day. We got transfers and Elder Rodriguez and I are going for round three together. The Hermanas in a little city called Gaiman baptized!!!!!! We are going to bapitze the Grandma of a family we reactivated this next Sunday!! This are looking better in the Zone and in our Area. Im enjoying the mission and having a lot of fun. 

Today is a sad day because we are splitting up as a Zone. We were all together for three months so its hard to say goodbye. This is the worst part about the mission. I hate goodbyes and in the misison they are worse cause its not like we all live close to each other back home. Some live down here and others in Brazil and others in the states, we are really close and all good friends. 

This week I ate a million empanadas and a lot of coke. Its time to buy some fruit and drink more water... however we dont have clean water...sooo.. good thing I love coke. OH and we made tacos as a Zone this week and they were amazing cause we have a Mexicana in the zone.;)

I know that this church is true. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I know that prayer is powerful. I know that as we put in our effort to do the right thing God blesses us. When times get tough push harder. When satan fights more, fight even more. Dont give up. Never give in to the temptation that all is lost, that you cant continue. The Atonement of Jesus Christ teaches us that He suffered for all we have felt and can feel and are feeling. He knows us perfectly. I felt His love this last week. Always try and be worthy. Never put anything above the importance of living a life worthy of a Temple Recommend. Its important. My mom and dad taught me that. Thanks Mom, Thanks Dad. Les quiero!

Elder Saunders

See it. Feel it. Trust it.

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