Monday, April 3, 2017

4/3/17 Rain and Conference

Hola Todos, 

This last week was a different one. Full of rain, waiting, and less walking and teaching. For those who dont know becasue we live in the end of the world, Comodoro was hit with a huge storm and a lot of rain. It never rains there and with a sudden amount of rain it flooded a large amount of the city. I was traveling to Comodoro for a leadership meeting when the main part of the storm hit the city. I arrived and went straight to a pension in Downtown Comodoro. The next day and a half we were not allowed to leave the pension. So we read, played cards, and talked about life. I was able to talk to my convert in Comodoro and make sure his family was okay. We are all fine but just had a few boring days not doing anything. It was nice but at the same time Boring.;) 

We got back to Trelew Friday night and just in time for conference the next day. Let me tell you that after three days doing nothing that spiritual, conference hits you like a bomb. All the talks were really missionary centered and I loved listening and feeling the power the prophets bring through the spirit. My favorite talk was by Elder M. Russell Ballard. He spoke on Goals, and how we should put life goals inside of The Plan of Salvation. Another part of his talk was on Golf so that was cool, and that we should take "Self Checks" to see if we are hitting our goals and walking on the path we should be. 

So my friends and family take a self check and put some new goal if needed. Base these goals off of the Plan of Salvation, meaning that your goal should be to make it to he highest glory in the Celestial Kingdom. I know that these things work. I remember a great youngs mens leader I had Brother Palmer. He shared a story one day with the young men about a self check he had and I remember that next day I had one of my own. It helped me turn around, really think of who I wanted to be and where I wanted to go. It works. Put the goals you feel will help you grow to become like our Savior. I know He will walk side by side with you and you will complete them. 

Thanks for the prayers you offer for me. On the rough days I can feel them, and on the smooth ones they help me realize im having a good time. I know that the mission isnt easy. Baptisms arent everything, but its why I am here. I love the gospel. It makes me happy. All I want is to have a family that is strong in the church. My parents, brothers, sister, and all my extended family. If I could desire one thing it would be to tell you all that I KNOW its true. Its not a maybe or kinda its a for sure thing. I KNOW its all true. Please if you dont know and you know me or even if you dont, PRAY, and ask God! I proomise as a represtative of Jesus Christ that if you pray and ask with a desire to know, you WILL recieve an answer. I dont when, or where or if it will be in twenty years but it WILL come. Les quiero!

Elder Saunders del fin del mundo:)

See it. Feel it. Trust it.

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