Friday, April 21, 2017

4/17/17 Testimonio:)

Hola Todos,

We had a rough week, but are hanging in there. For lack of water in the city we had to postpone our baptism. Sad but she is going to be extra ready for this upcoming Sunday! We are the smallest zone in the mission of only ten missionaries but we are going to baptize more then our areas have in the last few months in just one so we are excited and putting work in. 

Transfers were crazy and we didnt get any sleep because we spent hours in the Bus Terminal helping all the missionaries get in and out of the zones here. With all the rain in Comodoro the only highway going north and south was cut to a one way road. Soooo we had a lot of problems as a mission and the glory of being a leader is having to fix them all. 

On Saturday we found out that our baptism on Sunday wasnt going to happen. So we had to let our sweet Abuela know that she wasnt going to be baptized for lack of water in the city. She haddled it well but we had a scare cause we went to take her to church and she already left and we thought she left to sisters house, but she went to the church herself. She walked there alone cause her family was sleeping and didnt go. She is my favorite and an example of faith. 

I know that God loves us. He is our Father. He knows us, and even though sometimes it doesnt seem so He does. This last week was tough. I was struggling just wanting to be a missionary. I feel like we all need to remember why we ever knew or had a testimony. This week I took mine for grantid and forgot everything I knew and know. I know that as we try to do our best God blesses us. Sometimes our best isnt what we want it to be, but thats why we have the Atonement of Christ. We can get back up and try again. I know Christ suffered for every single one of us. I know that you might not feel it. Sometimes I dont too. BUT we have to keep trying. He lives. I know it. We can be forgiven and become clean through His Atonement. Remember that. Dont give up. I wont! Les Quiero y Dios Les ama!

Elder Saunders 

See it. Feel it. Trust it.

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