Friday, June 2, 2017

5/29/17 Familias Eternas

Hola Todos,

This last week was a lot different then my first four and a half months here in Trelew. I am with my new companion Elder Walker. He is from Los Angeles and loves music. He plays the piano very well, and wants to teach music after the mission. He is very very tall 6 foot 4 inches, so we look really funny walking around as two Gringos and a huge hieght difference. Elder Walker is one of the nicest, and best missionaries I have met. He loves everyone, and dont know if he has ever been angry in his life. He said one time he pushed his brother and still feels bad about it sooo..... haha I am excited for this next five weeks with him.

We began the week trying to find and teach all of the new people Elder Rodriguez and I found the last two weeks. Elder Walker is amazing and with his help and new spirit we found almost all of them and were able to start the transfer off with a lot of teaching. We have one new investigator named Milagros or Miracles in english. The joke is that we found "Miracles" so everyone, yes as missionaries we see "Miracles"! haha 

In our neighboring ward we had a "open chapel". This meant that we invited everyone and anyone to come and do a open house in the church. At first no one showed up, so my comp and I started inviting people in the street. Everyone was saying no, sooo we decided to pray. We prayed and everyone kept saying NO. Then we prayed again, and again, and again. No one wanted to come, so after a little while we went back to the church. Only a few people had come through. I was kinda bummed and kinda angry. Then we kept waiting and after awhile we went back out to invite people in the street. The thrid person a 16 year old boy came with us, and he enjoyed it. He lives in our area so we hope we can find him again! I know that God will always answer our prayers. It might take more effort then we want to put in, but always no matter what He will answer!

I want to share my testimony about families. Yesterday in church we sang, Families Can Be Together Forever. During the hymn I was thinking of two types of families. One my family back home and the other my family here. My eyes were filled with tears. I felt love for my ward here in Trelew. The first time in my time here in Trelew where I loved the members here. All of them, and it felt good. I was grateful for the piece of love God gave me to feel and see. I know we can live with our families for well Forever. They are eternal and I love sharing this. I can be sealed and I am sealed to my family. I look forward to being married in the temple to feel the peace of having a Eternal Family of my own. Do the simple things in the Gospel, and I promise you the blessings will come and you will have your Eternal Family! Les Quiero!

Elder Saunders del fin del mundo:) 

See it. Feel it. Trust it.

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