Wednesday, January 20, 2016

1/19/2016 Letters

Hey everyone,

Well this week was about the same as the last. Lots of class, more class, and well more class. We are basically in class all day long. We get to leave for water and to go to the bathroom, oh and to eat don't forget the wonderful MTC food. Haha I am actually really impressed with how good the food is because they have to feed thousands of people. My spanish is getting better everyday and the gift of tongues is so real. It is crazy to speak and not really know why you know the words that are coming out. This place is truly God's training camp for his army. 

My district will soon be the oldest district in our zone so that will be fun getting called on to speak and to help other missionaries feel more at home when they arrive. The MTC is starting to feel like home and I love all the members in my district. We are planning our MTC district reunion in three years and well let's be honest it will happen. My english is getting worse and worse and it doesn't help that my roommate says y'all all the time and I kinda said y'all before so now I sound like some weird mix between a Utahn, a texan, and a very bad spanish speaker. 

This last week Elder Neil L. Anderson from the quorum of the twelve spoke to us. I never have felt the spirit of Christ so strong! He spoke about how we need to teach Christ's doctrine every where we go. So I invite everyone of you who are reading this letter to first study what the doctrine of christ is then to study that doctrine. I know that as you strive to learn of Christ he will bless your life in ways you can't imagine.

We also got the opportunity to hear from Janice Kat Perry (sorry about the spelling). She wrote many of the children songs we have today. She taught about the power of music and we sang primary songs as a whole MTC and well I cried so it was really spiritual. I love to sing hymns now and music is the best way I have found to bring the spirit into my studies. 

I will end with a short testimony about the atonement of Christ. I know that the atonement of Christ is real. I have felt this cleansing power in my life many times and know that you can feel it to if you have faith and ask in prayer for forgiveness, and if necessary talk to church leaders to help you. I know that sometimes it is tough to repent, but the gift of the atonement is a gift we need to use. I know that one day because of this Atonement we will be clean enough to live with our Father in Heaven again. I love our savior and without him I would not be a missionary today. I invite all of you to use this gift daily as I have found the wonderful blessings of Christ's atonement. I hope all is well and appreciate every letter and prayer you have offered in my behalf. Remember that you are never alone, Christ is just one leap of faith away.

Elder Saunders   


Hey dad,
Another day in the mtc and another day where the spirit is stronger than I thought was even possible. I love hearing the sport updates and my district does too, so thanks a bunch. The mtc is feeling more and more like home and my district is like a family, no joke before we pray it is like family prayer and we can't shut up it makes me laugh and reminds me of the family prayers we have has a eternal family. I have found that blessing is a blessing I took for granted. I KNOW that we will be a family for eternity and I look forward to having a family of my own. I found out one of my roommates Elder Febbo who live ten minutes away from Mckaylas fam in Houston lost his dad when he was 14. Sometimes it takes hearing something like that to make you think about how much you love your dad. I love and your example to me means everything. I think of you and feel your love everyday as I strive to have the spirit with me. My spanish is coming along better than I thought and I can give lessons in spanish without to much worry. I realized that I have been blessed with a family that people dream about and life people can't even think of having. We are blessed dad I never even knew how much we were until coming here and I have not even set foot in Argentina. 
Anyways now that I am about to cry I will talk about the fun stuff. If you could send those shoes and stuff that would be really helpful. They ask us to wear blue socks with blue pants and to match so we don't look like goons. I love getting dear elders and emails because it helps me remember why I am here. we play basketball every morning and I am known for my shooting so I love playing basketball in the mornings it helps relieve stress. we sit in class all day and have three three hour sessions of just study. Two are with teachers and the other is by ourselves. I never thought i would dislike a room so much. haha I know it is what we need but everyday nine hours a day gets old so fast. we only take breaks for food. haha the food is actually pretty good. no culture classes yet the last week thats all we do so only two more weeks of this crazy schedule than things get more crazy in Argentina. Well dad I love you and keep sending me Dear Elders I love them. Remember that when things get tough rely on the Savior that is all I do here and I know that through his atonement we can all be clean and can get through anything in our lives. I know that no matter what we have done that the Savior doesn't remember after we come unto him. I know that we are sons of our heavenly father and that one day we will live with our Eternal Father again. I love and miss you and will talk to you next week.

Elder Saunders your son


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