Wednesday, January 6, 2016

1/5/2016 Letter

Hey Family,
Sorry I would send a email to all of you but I don't have a lot of time. Logan I don't know when your i-pod is but I love you and please let me know how tennis goes. I miss just hanging with you. Austin I know how hard it is to do homework and school work. But the mtc is harder then I thought and i have to learn a knew language. we study like all day so I ask you for just one day to study with me and knock out the homework. yes be a missionary one day no tv phone and do your own laundry. haha well megan can do that. Just work hard thats my motto. megan i sent you a email but i have more. Thanks for being my big sister. you have helped me on my mission. when things get tough i think of you and how hard you work to just be around people and talk and when i get nervous i pretend to be you. I love you sis. Dad i loved the sport updates keep them coming. and the story was a big help too. mom well your quote is the only reason why i am still here. I woke up sunday morning determined I was coming home. I hated the mtc. I had no friends no family and I was jealous of the english speakers. Then the lord took me by the hand and showed me why i am here. I felt the love he had for everyone in Argentina. I saw why i am here and felt the Espiritu that is spirit in spanish more than i thought was possible. I cried my eyes out and this was all in sacrament meeting. haha we were all crying three districts left this week so tyler might be in my zone. My district is sweet by the way. Anyways I got confirmation my mission is not for me its for well about everyone else. haha we had a devotional on your quote mom and I cried so much. you passed that trait on to me. I know this church is true and that the mtc is going to make me the best missionary that I can be. I know that book of mormon is true and that joseph smith saw god the father and Jesus Christ. i testify about that basically every lesson because I don't know much besides testifying but hey we all start in the beginning. please send packages a lot and dear elders a lot. Getting those made my day and I want more. haha any pics you want to send send them. We need decorations haha. Dad my room is freezing and I sleep with a sweater on so worrying about me getting hot. I also need grandma and grandpas email. I share a room with three elders so four of us. Sundays are the best and are for rest and spiritual enlightenment. Mom I did nothing on new years so ya that was lame but hey we are obedient which is key here. I miss you guys and I wish i could have been able to bring you with me. We leave Feb 8th so ya we are counting. my district is so cool and we all get along well. I took your advice and wrote down everyones name and we are getting address through email once we leave. I miss the little things but the little things here are just as good sometimes. Teaching lessons are my favorite and class is actually not to bad now that I have a serving attitude. I have bonded with a elder who is not getting along with his companion very well and I love just hanging with him. Well please send more pics and whatever you may think I want in packages because I like getting mail. Haha dear elder comes to me when you send it so USE IT for my sanity because twelve hours of class is a lot. The gift of tongues is real. When Elder Whitehead (my companion) and I bring the spirit we can understand our investigators and when not ya we don't. I know that this church is true and that we are an eternal family and I want to share that with others. Love you fam!!!!!! 
My p-day is now tuesday so ya talk to you next week. 

Elder Saunders
see it. feel it. trust it. 

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