Sunday, January 3, 2016

First letter - 1/1/2016

Hey mom and family. 
The mtc is crazy and has been since the first moment. I have a pic of me con mi nametag.I'll send it when i can. my spanish is getting better and my english is getting worse. the blessings of the saviour are already coming. I miss home and yesterday I wanted to quit a lot. Your quote from hinkley is helping I try to forget myself often in service and study. My companions name is Elder Whitehead and he is from colorado. He went to BYU this last semester so he is helping me get used to not being con mi familia. We are asked to use our language as often as we can everywhere. This helps us qualify for el don de lenguas or the gift of tongues. It is hard but fun. I miss you guys so much and not being able to talk to you sucks. I am one of the annoying elders who is doing well in class learning spanish. it made me feel good knowing people look at me as doing well for i have tried hard. Days feel like weeks here we accomplish a lot and go to meetings like crazy. I met my branch presidency last night and my branch presidents wife went to peru on her mission. I don't know her maiden name but there name is price. Remember our saviour and heavenly father are just one prayer away. I pray about every two seconds here and try not to cry when I miss you guys. My companion loves to run which makes me know that it is no coincidence we are companions. I am tired way tired we just go go go and go. Logan Austin and Megan please know our saviour loves you and you can be forgiven for anything in your life. I know and feel that everyday. Tonight we are teaching in a role play setting that we have been preparing for the for about a day. his name is victor and even though it is role play we are invited to try to act as if it is real. yes it is in spanish so tonight ill be teaching in spanish which is scary but exciting . Estoy animado. haha I miss and love you guys. While im in the mtc please send all letters/ emails through DearElder. if you do i get it that day printed out so i can think about your questions and feel like im at home. please write and send pics of our fam and calapp fam and mckayla please. i can't chew gum so im sending it home but can you send me mints instead any will do? Thank you. Ill talk to you in a week next friday. Love you lots 

Elder Saunders
see it. feel it. trust it. 

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