Tuesday, June 21, 2016

6/20/16 Glacier, Fake Goodbyes, and Transfers

Hey Everyone,

This week was a week full craziness, surprises, and goodbyes. The beginning of the week we had our "Super Pday". We went to the Glacier again and we went with our neighboring zone of Rio Gallegos. I had a good time and this time there was sun so I was able to take a lot of good pics that were not possible the first time. After the trip to the glacier we had an Asado made by Hermano Santos in our branch. We as in my district were in charge of buying all of the meat and other food so that was a fun time figuring out how much to buy and what not. We ended up buying over 18 kilos of meat of all different cuts and types. The "Super Pday" went well and we all had a lot of fun. I was able to see my MTC companion Elder Whitehead. 

Then throughout the week I went around to all the people in Calafate I wanted to say goodbye to because we thought I would be leaving. Then Friday came rolling around and we got transfers. It has been revealed that I will be staying in Calafate for another transfer and Elder Petersen my companion will be going up to Comodoro to be companions with my first companion Elder Cortes. What a crazy surprise!! So that meant that know we had to go back around to everyone and tell them we thought wrong and God wants Elder Petersen to leave and not me! Haha it was really funny and everyone loved the double visits in like two days!

This last Sunday which was yesterday was a thoughtful day for me. I thought a lot about what the mission has been, and what it has done to me. I have changed most of the changes are good, a few a need to fix but most good. I know that a mission is something I will never get back. Everyday is a day that I will never get to do again. I know that the Church is true, and with the Atonement we can do anything. I ended up giving another "Surprise" talk yesterday, and I talked on the importance of Temples. I related that to what the members have to do to get one down here in the Patagonia. To all you lucky dogs who have a temple close please take advantage, and visit it often. As well help the missionaries out and go on member lessons. They help a ton and they will help you too!! Well I love you all and thanks for the support. Till next week with my new companion Elder Araujo from Brazil!!! 

Elder Saunders   

See it. Feel it. Trust it

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