Monday, June 27, 2016

6/27/16 New Companion y A Really Warm Winter

Hey everybody,

I hope all is well in your lives and that you all are able to find time to slow down and feel the spirit. This week went by fast, but at the same time it feels like forever since I was emailing. I have learned a lot from the things that have happened this week and  I hope that I can share a few that will help you.

The first thing is that I am supposed to be in Calafate. I never realized how important it is to know that you are supposed to be in the place you are called. People here in Calafate need Elder Araujo and I. That is my new companion Elder Araujo. He is from Brazil and is about to complete a year in the mission. He is very tall and we look kinda funny walking down the streets of Calafate. However this week we have already found that we are called to be here. 

Elder Petersen and I had an investigator named Luis. He is 18 well just turned 18 and wants to get baptized. However with Elder Petersen we could not find him. The third day with Elder Araujo we found him. We talked with him and he is getting baptized this next Saturday. There was a lot of problems with ward members and other drama, but with a miracle everything is fine now. I just know that as we strive to baptize or do anything the Lord will magnify our strength and bless us.  

The last few days we have been talking a lot about doctrine. How it can help us, and how we can learn more and live it. I invite you to take a piece of doctrine and study it out. I will do it with you. Then for me because I miss the temple go to the temple and pray about it. I promise you that you will feel something. Something strong, maybe different than usual. The Spirit will testify to you the truth of all things. I love you all and I am grateful for the support you show me. I know that this Church is true. Sometimes that is all that keeps me going, but I know it! Sometimes you have to doubt your doubts before your faith. Remember that and all will be well! 

Elder Saunders

P.S. I finally bought a pillow and for the first time in months I was able to sleep with a pillow. I also know that pillows bring to pass good dreams:)

See it. Feel it. Trust it.
My comp -Elder Araujo- and Me on P day 

pics of the lunch we made yesterday, eggs, hamburger meat, hot dogs, and vegetables. We then put aji crema y mayo on it. (with Elder Tffany)

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