Tuesday, July 5, 2016

7/4/16 Small Miracles y Prayer


This week went by fast and we were able to get a lot done while having a lot of fun. I have looked back at the first quarter of my mission with happiness in what I have been able to accomplish with the Lord on my side. On Thursday I completed six months in the mission. It really does not feel that long and it is crazy how fast time passes in the mission. Calafate has shown me a lot, and I believe I have grown spiritual, physically, emotionally, and basically have become just a bit closer to our Heavenly Father. 

I want to share a little bit on what I learned from prayer and fasting. I had the opportunity to pray a lot this week. There have been a lot of things that I have wanted questions to and through the prayers and fast that I did I was able to find the answers that I know are according to our Heavenly Father´s plan for me. One thing in particular that I have been praying for is what we as missionaries can do for our investigator Luis. Luis has recently turned 18 and can be baptized. He had not been able to before because of his parents. However something happened a few months ago with a member family, and he can not come to church anymore according to law. However we felt like we needed to ask our branch President for help. With the help of him and his work at the police station Luis is able to come to church and he is getting baptized on the 16th of July!! I am so lucky and blessed to be in an area with prepared people. 

As well this week we taught Rosa our investigator that told us she has seen the first vision imagine in a dream. So ya she will get baptized she just cant come to church because of a inflexible work schedule. Our other investigator Sebastian came to church yesterday for the second time and says he wants to stop drinking and smoking. Pedro is finally walking and is about to leave the hospital. Again I am so blessed to be able to spend another transfer here in Calafate. Seeing these small but mighty miracles help my testimony grow more than anything else. 

We also helped a Hermano build his house this week and hopefully he can get most of it done before the snow comes. He is the secretary in the branch and the only member in his family. What a stud eh?? 

Well everyone I am doing well down here in the Patagonia. Not every moment is bliss and glamour, but we are trying to do our best. I know that as we strive to do our part we will be blessed for trying. God magnifies our efforts and puts them into His will. I know that prayer is real. We can talk to our Heavenly Father. Yes our Father literal Father. This blessing has and will help me in my life. I know the Holy Ghost can guide and touch your life. Pray for that guidance and all will be well. This Church is true! It is Christ´s church and He is in charge. Remember that and your troubles will be put at peace. I know that to be true. I love you all and hope that you all can strive to do the simple things to bring you complex and huge blessings. Isn´t that cool how our Father works? Les amo muchisimo!!!

Con Amor,

Elder Saunders 

See it. Feel it. Trust it.

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