Monday, July 11, 2016

7/11/16 Zone Meeting and Mate!!/ pics of the adventure

Hola mis amigos,

Well, to start I first want to say that I know this church is true and that no matter what goes on in your life it will always be true! This last week was amazing and I had a lot of fun. The first part of the week we were in a trio because Elder Cano our Zone Leader went up to Comodoro for Consejo. It was the first meeting with our new mission President. I have not met him yet but we are having interviews this week, so I will let yall know how they go next week. 

We also had Zone Meeting and that meant we got to travel to 28 de Noviembre!! It is a four hour bus ride but the night before I got a little stomach bug so I was scared I was going to die on the way there. However thanks to lots of prayers I made it safe and sound. We found out that we can now drink Mate!!!!!!! It is bitter but good. I feel a little more Argentine now. Everyone drinks it and I am crazy happy that we can drink it too! 

Alright you members you have a little competition for the best member missionary.This week our Branch President Presidente Ortellado texted us saying that he found one of our investigators that we have been looking for for like well forever! He then continued to say that he set a baptismal date with her!! Entonces the invitation this week is to do the same. Go put a baptismal date or at least try to do some missionary work!! I know you can do it it is scary but fun! You will be a lot more happy as you strive to serve others and bring the gospel! 

On Sunday or I guess yesterday we as us missionaries had to run all of church. All the members of the Branch Presidency were gone either on vacation or had to work. So Elder Araujo gave a lesson and then we all gave talks. We talked on Charity, Missionary Work, and of course Temples. Our goal is to have a temple down here in the Patagonia. Our message was through missionary work and having charity we can obtain the goal as we work as one... Missionaries with Members! 

 One thing I learned this week is the importance of being obedient. My first six months of my mission could have been done with a little more obedience to the rules of the mission. Yes all of them not just the ones that sound cool or easy to follow. While in 28 de Noviembre and on splits with Elder Applegate we taught a lesson to a family that was planning a party. The things they were planning were very sinful to say the least. However the kids said that they wanted to get baptized but first sin a bunch. This made me think how we just pick and choose the commandments or "rules" we want to follow. To me it seemed so dumb to choose to sin then get baptized, but sometimes I do the same thing with the rules of the mission. I guess I want to say that I know all the commandments and rules in the church are there for a reason. Obey them and I will do my best to do the same with you! 

I know that this Church is true. That the temple is really the house of God. He is there as we walk the halls. He loves us more than we can even imagine. The Scriptures ring true with the word of God. Search them and you will find peace and happiness. Do all you can to walk in the ways of righteousness, and He will bless you and your family. I know this to be true and know that all will be well as we do as my grandmother of old said, " Carry on, Carry on" I love you all and thank you for the support! 

Elder Saunders de Calafate 

See it. Feel it. Trust it.

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