Monday, October 24, 2016

10/17/16 Claudio was Dunked

Hola Todos,

Well, the last seven or as some might call a week were soooo sweet. One we did divisiones or splits if you are lame and dont serve in Argentina, two well like always we partied because we have four elders in the pension, and three Claudio was baptized. Ya you heard right we dunked that man real good in the water and the spirit was strong.

Okay to all you future or current missionaries dont forget to have baptismal clothes ready before well the day of. Story time. so yes i may have this fancy name tag and I may have been here for a little bit of time, but Im still a very stupid 19 year old boy. i decided it would be really fun to just trust that we had clothes and then realized wait... all the argentines except for Claudio are tiny. Like me im not even messing, like for real Im kinda big down here;) well okay mas o menos pero okay. Saturday comes flying in and I dont have big enough clothes for my Claudio and I start calling everyone. Members, Zone Leaders, the office, etc. It was a fun time and we luckly found some clothes. Thats right the big football player comes in for the win. We got the clothes from another Elder:) Then we had the baptism and Claudio didnt drown and I with my super muscles got him our of the water;) haha we were kinda worried about that. In a whole the day was perfect and he felt the spirit which is the best part about it. 

The other highlight was my day with Elder Lloyd in his area. We did divisiones and he only has two transfers in the field. So for the first time he got to lead his area. We parited and worked our tails off. I enjoyed every moment and this kid is a straight stud. 

Apart from that the week was normal. So basically it was the best not normal, but normal week in the mission. This week is transers so ill let yall know if I leave next monday or well tuesday if I leave just dont be surprised when I dont write. It could happen.

I know that this is the church of Jesus Christ. He runs His church through his prophets and I know they are called of God. I know the scriptures are very valuable. They contain tressure that we only have search for to find. I know that God lives and that he love us more that we know or can imagine. I know the power of the priesthood is real and we can use it. Yes all of us not just the ones who hold it. I know that one day I will have an eternal family. I know my kids will be dear to me and long for the day where I can share my stories and im living now. I love the mission and all of you and remember our Heavenly Father loves you more:) 

Con Amor,

Elder Saunders

Bodily Quote of the Week: "No Elder Im not the Tuna" 

p.s. this kid is a nut but i love him igual:) 
See it. Feel it. Trust it.

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