Saturday, October 8, 2016

10/3/16 Hola Todos

Hola Todos,

Another crazy fast week has flashed before my eyes and my mission is getting better everyday. This last week I think I have finally realized that my mission is the best two years! Yes I cant watch tv, listen to music, be with my girlfriend and family, and I cant play golf everyday for four hours. BUT I get to be a missionary for our Savior. I GET to put His name on my chest and try my hardest to bring people unto Him. This brings joy, this brings peace, and this brings blessings to those who I love. These last nine months have not been easy but have taught me a lot and I am grateful for the 15 more I have!

This week was taugh to get out to work every day and all day. I have been sick and it caught up with me this week. However we got out there and in my scatchy sick gringo accent tried to teach the gospel. I think it went well and we found and taught well this week. 

One highlight was we found a man named Pablo. It was the first housed we contacted and Pablo listened to us and accepted a date to be baptized. It was a straight miracle and the whole lesson was done outside of his house. We even prayed basically on the street. It was crazy cool and the spirtit was there. I know the spirit goes and can be wherever it needs to be to touch our hearts. 

Conference was my other highlight of the week as it was for the entire church. However what was the best part of conference was that Claudio our next baptism watched it. He has been seeing changes in his life and has found the desire to take the first convenant in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are planning his baptism and he has become one of my best friends. I could not be any happier to have seen his change and conversion the last month. 

One thing I took away from conference is that the Book of Mormon has a power that attracts us to it. It is the truth and it rings true in my heart. I know the book is true and I know it brings power into the home. Read it by yourself and to your family, and I know you will see a difference of peace and joy  in your life! As well the Thomas S. Monson our prophet only  said a few words. In the priesthood session about the Word of Wisdom and on Sunday about the Plan of Salvation. Read his words and learn from them and I  will do the same. I know the church is true we have the authority of God and have His church. I know its true and tesify of it. I have felt the change it can make in my life and invite you to let it change yours. I love you all and hope that all is well. Carry on and feel the joy of the Atonement in your lives. Les Quiero!!

con amor,

Elder Saunders 

See it. Feel it. Trust it.

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