Wednesday, February 15, 2017

2/13/17 Another Week in Trelew:)

Hola Todos,

Week number four is over and number five is on its way. Trelew is well, Trelew! haha a little hot but not as hot as it was when I got here. We have less wind then Comodoro and there is green. We are working hard down here and we are seeing success. People are listening to us, and the spirit and are trying to change. In other word the Spirit is teaching people how to Repent. We are able to watch them and help them on their journey. 

Veronica is doing well. She is a single mom with three kids. Gonzalo is 14 but looks like he is 18 and plays rugby. I am not suited to teach him how to play Football but I am trying;) Morena is 7 and is a fireball, she loves to dance to music and makes me dance with her! Antonela is 4 and is soo funny. She will repeat anything she hears and she hears a lot of things from music, tv, and well she says some pretty funny stuff. Basically Veronica has her hands full and works a lot. She is really working hard to find a testimony. She reads everynight with her kids and is praying for an answer. Im a happy to be here. Veronica and Gonzalo are getting baptized the 25 of Feburary!!! 

We also have had a miracle and an older lady just randomly showed up to Church. Well her family is less active and she just wanted to go. She has come the last two weeks and we are hoping shell accept a baptismal date for the 25 as well!!! I love seeing people want to change and actually do it.

One fun thing we did this week was Divisiones. I was able to go on splits with another gringo from California and we found a lot of new people. One contact I found interesting was Eter. She opened her door and was telling us no, she wasnt looking well and we asked if we could do anything for her She like everyone said no, then I said, "well can we atleast pray for you?" She answered saying, "okay yes come on in." The power of prayer is we powerful. People want to be close to God, and sometimes they dont know how or are confused in the most correct way to do it. I know we have the way, the true church is Christs church the one He put on the Earth when He was here. I know after He took it off the Earth, that He put it back on the Earth through Joseph Smith. He restored the Church. I know it, and we all can know it. Pray and find out. Go to church and feel it. Read and study and gain a stronger testimony of it. I know you can! I have done and I am trying to do it. Dont get me wrong, I know life is hard. Satan exist and his follows are real as well. The adversary is and will try to break you down. Thats why we need to put me strength in the things we know. Pray and ask our Heavenly Father what that would be for YOU. We are all different. We all have stories, backgrouds, struggles, and no one knows us better than our Father. I know He is our Father and I know that He loves you. Keep Carrying On and I know that all will turn out well. Heavenly Father knows what is happening. Les Quiero!!! 

Elder Saunders del fin del mundo:)

See it. Feel it. Trust it.

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