Wednesday, February 22, 2017

2/20/17 Vamos a Bautizar!!!

Hola Todos,

This past week was a good one. We were able to get a lot done and have fun doing it. Almost the whole week we had two other missionaries living with us. They are usually in a little city called Dolavan but this week one of them got their wisdom teeth out! So they stayed with us and we partied hard haha!! Their names are Elder Torres and Elder Oviatt. I enjoyed the company but the pension needs a good cleaning now. 

In the beginning of the week we found and taught two investigators that my moms co-worker taught a few years ago. It was crazy to be able to say that he sent me to find them. They have pictures of him in their house and call him their son. He did an awesome job with them. We taught them the restoration, and they said they would try to try again. Haha they have had dozens of missionaries pass through their home! Their names are Cristina and Richard. 

Through-out the week we did divisions or splits with the other two elders, taking turns watching over Elder Torres who took out his wisdom teeth. It was nice to be able to rest a little bit with Elder Torres in the pension. He finishes his mission this week and I enjoyed listening to his wisdom and advice for my next year I have here. Elder Oviatt is a very good missionary. He has less time but knows why and what he is doing here. His desire to work and excitement to share the gospel help me keep the batteries going. 

Everything is looking good for our three baptisms this week. Veronica and Gonzalo are ready apart from one little thing... Tithing! haha they said they would pray and ask God if they need to pay a tenth of their money. I have faith and know that they will recieve their answer! Our other baptism is a straight miracle. A few weeks ago an older lady showed up to church with her family. She isnt baptized but her family was baptized a few years ago. She now wants to be baptized and Saturday is her day!! She even reactivated the dad of the family!! He hasnt gone to church in a long while. Their last name is Roa!! 

Thursday was a wild day! In the morning/afternoon it was very very very hot. We were dying and went to eat lunch in the church because it has air conditioning. After lunch it was still crazy hot. Then it started to rain, like rain rain, like all the rain you have ever seen in like 30 minutes the house of the family Roa was being filled with water. We just so happened to pass by and soaking wet were able to help get all the water out. So you can imagine. Two missionaries still in white shirt and tie throwing buckets out of a house. Haha the whole neighborhood was staring at us through their windows.

Sunday or yesterday we got to church and our bishop informed us that the seventy from our area was going to be attending our sacrament meeting. Then decided that I should be the lovely missionary to give a talk. Yes an hour and half before the meeting. Haha so I said yes and scared out of my pants tried to give a talk from nothing. It went decent. I didnt die but it wasnt my favorite experience. The seventy Elder Fernádez talked about the temple and doing it and not just saying it. So my friends... Just it do it!!!! After church we spent the afternoon with the Antipan family. They are sooo funny and we played cards and ate really yummy foods!! 

I know that this church is true. Not cause my parents, friends, grandparents, leaders, other missionaries, but I know it cause I have felt, seen, and watched how it was changed peoples lives. I have felt it change mine. Through the Atonement we can be cleansed of our sins. Our mistakes that we all make. I know that you can feel worthy, clean, or just more happy through the Atonement. Through Christ you can be clean to enter the kingdom of God. That should be our goal. That is my goal. I know we can make it. I know that the simple things are sometimes the most powerful. Read your scriptures, Pray, and Go to church. Just do it. Its easy. I know you can do it. I know our Father in Heaven will bless you in ways you cant imagine if you do. Les Quiero! 

Elder Saunders del fin del mundo!:) 

See it. Feel it. Trust it.

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