Monday, July 24, 2017

7/24/17 Puerto Madryn

Hola Todos,

This last week was amazing. We worked hard and have seen blessings role on in. I have been more and more obedient. My testimony is growing. I feel Christ´s love for me and for all of those that we teach. I truly want to be a missionary, a true representative of Christ. Not one part time or some days but always. A true full time missionary. I believe this desire and wish is where I have began to see the change in myself. As we want to change or repent, we begin to see ourselves as our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ see us. We truly begin to realize who we are, and what we can become. I have been blessed with experiences that have humbled me. I would say that im confident now. Before my mission while playing golf or in school or in whatever I did I would say "confidence is key". Yes it is but where are we puting our confidence? I know where I am putting my confidence and its in the Lord our Savior Jesus Christ. This week I hit my 19 month mark and my goal in these short five months is to let the Savior mold and change me into the man I need to become to guide me to the path where I need to go. Trust in Him. Let Christ change you. Dont make God humble you through painful trials. Its not fun and its a lot harder. Remember CONFIDENCE IS KEY!

We have a few investigators with baptismal dates this coming week and weeks. We are teaching a lot and the work is flowing. The main thing we have been working on is using the members here. We are in a small branch and there is lack of priesthood in the branch. We help a lot with almost everything. Use your priesthood. The members are amazing and almost every family has a member in their family that they have invited to have us teach. We are going to baptize a lot if they keep up the good work and of course us too. Ailin and Jazmin are our top investigators. Ailin is the grandaugter of Sister Olga. She is eleven and is turning twelve next monday. If we can get her parents permissin she can be baptized. We played a plan of salvation board game with her and she loved it. Jazmin came to use and asked us to teach and baptize her. She is 13 but needs to stop drinking and smoking. Her life is really hard and has no support from any family. She has lived with a member family for a while and thats how she found us. Time to start to baptize.

I know that life is hard. Stay strong. Dont give up and Heavenly Father will help you be and become the person you need to be. I know it and I know He loves us. He is our Father. We are His children. Dont you ever forget that. Les Quiero.

Elder Saunders del fin del mundo.

See it. Feel it. Trust it.

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