Tuesday, January 31, 2017

1/31/17 Heat and Patience

Hola Todos,

Wow, one more week has flown by down here in the Patagonia. We are doing the best we can to push through the heat and keep working hard. The heat hit over a hundred soooo im sweating a lot and learning to love the mornings and nights when its nice and cool. My area isnt too big but we walk a lot visiting the other missionaries in the zone. 

All of us missionaries had a world wide conference and we are now able to choose when we do certain things like eat breakfast, study, eat lunch, and do excersise. We are just able to be more flexible and in my mission get up at 730!!!!! We also have more time on Pday for all of our awesome Pday activities. 

We saw a miracle this week with our investigators Veronica y Gonzalo. Veronica is the mom of Gonzalo. We taught them throughout the week and they started to keep their comitments. Then on Sunday we sent a message to remind them about church. We got a message back just saying,"I cant wake up my kids." We offered to go and help and she didnt respond for a long time. As we were waiting I prayed and felt like I should just wait. Im very impatient and like and usually just take action and get it done. Wating killed me but she responded saying "We are going at 1130!" I know God hears our prayers. He knows us, and He knows what is going in our lives and how to help us. I prayed for help and He sent it. Yes I wanted to be the help, but sometimes we have to let others and sometimes let other people do it for themselves. I cant force anyone to do anything and I am grateful that I could learn that this last week.

I know that God lives. He loves us. He knows what is going on in everyones lives. He knows what is the right things for us. He knows, He lives, He is our Father. I know it, I have felt it and I have seen Him touch others right in front of me. I know you can feel His love, IF you put in your side of the deal. Just ask, its the youth theme and I know its insprired. Our leaders pray for us and they are called of God. Ask as Joseph Smith did, and I KNOW that you will recieve an answer. Les Quiero y Vamos a bautizar!!!! 

Elder Saunders del fin del mundo:)


See it. Feel it. Trust it.

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