Monday, December 5, 2016

12/5/16 Vamos a Ganar:)

Hola mis amigos,

It seems that December has come upon us and with that I would like to wish yall a Merry little Christmas. Haha a little to soon, but what ya going to do when you love christmas. Down here in the Patagonia its warmer doing Christmas so that is something different, but we will be okay. Also I have been listening to Christmas music, and would like to invite yall to do the same. Oh and sidenote my best bud from the MTC is now in my district and we will pass a year together:)) Vamos Elder Febbo!

Alright this last week began with a few terrible days. I havent been doing too hot and struggling with headaches, homesickness, and just being done with mission live. At some points I was asking myself if the church was even true. I let Satan trick me into thinking I should go home because well, Im dying right?? NOOOOO when you are dying dont give up!! I almost did and I know it would have destroyed my life. 

Now that remember that prayer is real. It works and if you want an answer go and pray. Dont leave your knees until you KNOW exactly what the answer is. God will give you an answer BUT forget the answer you want;) This was a challenge my mission President gave me. It works I did it. 

Going back to Christmas, how is Lighing the World going? Down here we say, ilumina el mundo! kinda cooler I know;) The missionaries should have cards that they give to people. Go and ask for a few and give them away. I promise you at least one will contact the missionaries. We have miracles with this card!! Also as yall know do the cute little activities even though they seem y mas o menos!;) 

I know the church is true. I know i need to be a missionay. Without these two years my life could never be the same. I know blessings go to my family as I serve. Its the promise all missionaries get. I know Christ lives, and was born in the flesh. He is our perfect example and has paid for my sins. I know it and thats why I am here. I have felt his love and will continue to feel it. I know Satan is attacking, and why? Because we as in all of us as a Church TOGETHER will and are doing damage to the adversary. They are scared and are attacking hard. Prepare and fight back. Read your scriptures and pray everyday. Take the sacrament and if you cant get worthy NOW. Humble yourselves and forgive all others. Dont let Satan trick you because it will just make everything worse! I know it just happend to me. Trust in the Savior and our Heavenly Father and all the things They have fiven us and that YOU KNOW are true. Go to the temple! Remember the I love you and appreciate all everyone of you have taught me. Les Quiero y Jesucristo les ama!!! 

Con todo el amor que tengo,

Elder Saunders

See it. Feel it. Trust it.

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